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OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery for Argo

OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) for Argo is a set of software add-on modules and unified platform for Enterprise Argo that extend open-source Argo better to fit enterprise management, security, and operations requirements. Add-on modules can be used individually to automate release verification and progressive delivery, manage application deployment across Argo instances, and enforce software compliance policies. Modules can be used together with OpsMx Open Enterprise Argo for a single-vendor enterprise Argo solution. OpsMx ISD for Argo is available as SaaS, managed service, or on-premises.

OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery for Argo

OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery Modules

OpsMx ISD for Argo provides add-on modules on top of open-source Argo CD software to make your Kubernetes delivery process more secure, reliable, and scalable.

Visibility and Insights

Unified dashboard across multiple Argo instances

Get application status about deployments, health, and performance of all microservices across multiple clusters and cloud environments in a single plane.

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Audit and Supply Chain Traceability

Comprehensive Audit of actions involving people, process, and tools

Get the audit record of all delivery & deployment actions in your software delivery process. ISD provides software supply chain reporting and helps you trace CVE’s impact on production. Get risk scores based on processes and tools in your organization.

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Delivery Intelligence

Automated validation of new releases

Use AI/ML to assess release logs and metrics and identify new deployments’ performance, security, and reliability scores. Use out-of-the-box templates to kickstart intelligent verification of each release in blue/green, canary, and progressive deployments.

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Policy and Governance

Enforce release policies on GitOps style deployments

Use ISD to enforce security, approval, and operation policies in your GitOps process. With ISD, you can integrate the change approval process and other leading DevOps tools into Argo CD. Get notified about the compliance reporting for software delivery in frequent time intervals.

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Test Drive ISD for Argo Today

See for yourself GitOps for Kubernetes applications with production-grade Argo, multicluster visibility, enterprise security, intelligent verification, and more.

Benefits of OpsMx ISD for Argo


Low operational Cost

Maintain multiple Argo instances easily with 24/7/365 support from Argo experts. Get SOC-2 certified SaaS solution with 99.99% availability.


3X faster GitOps

Achieve GitOps for enterprises with built-in features such as authentication & authorization, policy enforcement, and integrations with DevOps tools.


Improved developer and SREs productivity

Use prebuilt and validated workflow templates and verification modules for IAC, Governance, Compliance, Security and progressive deployments


Zero hassle CD migration

Migrate from existing CD solutions such as Jenkins / Spinnaker to Argo CD under the guidance of our GitOps experts.


Delivery intelligence for Argo CD

Accelerate application delivery by automating deployment analysis and release verification.

Advanced deployment strategies using Argo

Get insights into determining the right deployment strategy for your GitOps deployments to Kubernetes using ArgoCD.

Visibility and control for Argo

Central plane to visualise and control enterprise-wide deployments, applications, Argo instances, and CD workflows.

How does OpsMx ISD for Argo work?

OpsMx ISD for Argo is a control plane for multiple Argo CD and Argo Rollout instances. You can easily connect existing open-source Argo instances installed in various clusters and get unified, enterprise-wide visibility and management across applications, deployments, and workloads. ISD helps enforce security and compliance policies and allows you to create new instances of Argo CD and Argo Rollouts on-demand with a single-click.

OpsMx ISD for Argo is a control plane for multiple Argo CD and Argo Rollout instances

Get started with Argo CD

Install Argo into Kubernetes using HELM charts or manifest files.

Multicluster deployments with Argo CD

Deploy your application with GitOps-style into multiple Kubernetes clusters using Argo CD.

Git configuration in Argo

Learn how to configure private Git repo in Argo and deploy app into a Kubernetes cluster at scale.

Support and Services for Argo CD

OpsMx ISD for Argo is backed by additional support and services to make and keep Argo enterprise ready.


Enterprise security

OpsMx helps you to secure all your Argo instances with authentication with single sign-on (SSO), authorization with RBAC, and secret management with key management solutions.


Train developers, DevOps engineers, and the application support team with OpsMx Argo experts and kickstart your GitOps journey.

Faster and Safer Deployment


Migrate from the existing CD tool to Argo CD while implementing existing software delivery and deployment policies.


24*7 Support

Get no-excuse support for vulnerabilities or any issue fix for Argo CD and Argo Rollouts round the clock.

Argo Centre of Excellence

Best practices for GitOps style deployment and customer support for developing integrations with existing CI/CD tools.