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Smart GitOps

GitOps is a great way to continuously deploy applications and infrastructure by treating Git as a single source of truth. But as code deployments accelerate across the enterprise, managing risk and cost go up.

Smart GitOps is an advanced version of GitOps; by analyzing system performance, identifying patterns and bottlenecks, and making automated decisions, Smart GitOps can significantly improve speed, efficiency, and cost management. Additionally, its automated nature helps reduce the risk of human errors.

OpsMx Intelligence Software Delivery (ISD) for Argo offers you the ability to achieve Smart GitOps. ISD utilizes machine learning to automate GitOps deployments, allowing users flexibility while still having complete control, visibility, and insights into the entire workflow.

GitOps deployment at scale

Deploy applications in GitOps style into multiple clusters and namespace using Argo CD. OpsMx ISD allows you to create multiple Argo CDs and Argo Rollouts for various environments from UI. With ISD, your developers can deploy their applications at scale.

Developer Self-Service

OpsMx ISD for Argo allows developers to create simple to advanced workflows for canary and blue/green deployment using pre-defined templates. Our unique architecture enables self-service deployments across security zones. Developers can easily add apps, services, repositories, and GitOps workflows while ensuring compliance with best practices and policies.

Continuous Verification of GitOps Deployment

Verify the quality and performance of all your releases before releasing them for production. Use ISD for Argo to automate your verification process in your GitOps deployment process. Minimize change failure rates with ISD for Argo.

Delivery Intelligence for Argo

The delivery intelligence module of OpsMx ISD for Argo is used to automate release verification processes during progressive delivery in Argo Rollouts. This module leverages AI/ML to assess a new deployment’s logs and metrics and estimate the performance, security, and reliability scores. Use out-of-the-box templates to kickstart intelligent verification of each release in blue/green, canary, and progressive deployments.

Continuous Verification

Multicluster Deployment Visibility

The visibility and insights module of OpsMx ISD for Argo provides enterprise visibility across multiple Argo instances. Get a central plan to visualize GitOps deployments and the health status of applications across cloud and cluster environments. The Ops team can control and manage multiple Argo CD and Argo Rollouts across various clusters from a single plane.

Enterprise Access, Security, and Governance

Key Benefits


Improve speed and reliability

With the help of ML and AI, Smart GitOps can detect issues and suggest or even perform actions to resolve them and automate the process of continuous integration and delivery, making the deployment process faster and more reliable.

Reduced human error

By automating tasks that would typically be done manually, Smart GitOps can reduce the risk of human error and increase the accuracy of the deployment process.

Faster and Safer Deployment

Self-healing and Auto-scaling

Smart GitOps can leverage machine learning models to detect and predict failures and resource usage to automatically fix issues and scale resources up or down based on the requirements of your application

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