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Spinnaker Center of Excellence

Accelerate Spinnaker Adoption with Custom Development & Consulting Services

Implement unparalleled scalability, reliability, and security for your open-source Spinnaker.

Custom, outsourced feature development and integration. Get fixes quickly, according to your timeline.

24/7/365 expert support mitigates open-source risks for smooth business operations.

Optimize open-source Spinnaker with enterprise scale best practices

Service Offerings

Upgrading an old Spinnaker Installation

Scared about touching your old open source spinnaker installation. No problems, we got you covered! Upgrade from an old 0.x Spinnaker installation to the latest version and seamlessly migrate your pipelines with added functionalities and extensions supported by the latest release. OpsMx fast tracks your migrations and helps you manage and maintain the latest releases with CVEs fixed along with the FedRamp compliance.

Scalability, Reliability and Security

OpsMx COE specializes in building a secure, large scale, and highly available open-source Spinnaker environment, based on direct experience with some of the world’s largest Spinnaker deployments. By integrating security best practices into all stages of deployment, COE aims to strengthen the release process, manage user authentication and role-based authorization across multiple teams and tools, and reinforce infrastructure protection.

Custom Development and Integration

Our team of experts is experienced in custom development of new Spinnaker features to your specifications, as well as integrating third-party tools that are part of your DevOps environment and providing fixes for high priority Spinnaker issues. All development work can be contributed to open source, strengthening the Spinnaker community.

Enterprise Availability and Support

OpsMx COE delivers reliable, always-on support to maximize Spinnaker availability and reduce downtime. Our experts provide bug fixes and updates, plus best-practice implementation strategies that help reduce errors and misconfigurations. We can also provide high-availability multi-region Spinnaker support along with guidance on upgrades and quarterly best practices audits. With our robust 365/24/7 mission-critical care, we strive to eliminate production failures for a smooth deployment experience that you can trust.

Best Practices at Enterprise Scale

Implementing best practices for open-source Spinnaker at scale can empower organizations to reap the rewards of DevOps culture and speedier CI/CD processes. These practices are designed to keep you in compliance with regulations while allowing customization and personalization and ensuring quality assurance across both development and operations teams. Talk to us about the options that are available, including tools, methodologies, processes, and resources, to ensure you yield the maximum benefit from your Spinnaker setup.

How We Can Help

From deployment automation and release validation to vulnerability scans and security fixes; our mission is to provide comprehensive services that help you get the most out of your open-source Spinnaker investment. Whether it’s upgrades, migrations, HA/DR or anything related to your organization’s implementation of Spinnaker, our experts are here to ensure a smooth process at every step.

Increase Scalability

Increase Scalability

Big deployments hitting scalability limitations?

Improve Feature Velocity

Improve Feature Velocity

Slower pace of new features from the community?

Cost of Operations

Cost of Operations

Needs to contain costs of usage as requirements grow?

Harden Security

Harden Security

Continuous attention to vulnerabilities fixes

Improve Developer Experience

Improve Developer Experience.

Enable GitOps and other developer productivity strategies.

Integrate New Platforms

Integrate New Platforms.

Interoperate with emerging tools like ArgoCD

Why Partner with OpsMx

Choosing OpsMx as your partner for Spinnaker means entrusting your organization to experts. With years of experience and a proven track record, OpsMx is the clear choice for managing open-source Spinnaker at scale.

The Center of Excellence offers custom development, improved developer experience, scalability, and support so you can focus on what matters most to the business. Ready to speak with an expert? Let us show you how we can help you succeed with Spinnaker.

Why Partner with OpsMx