Abstract Fine grain Policies

Abstract Fine Grained Policy Specification

Compliance made Simple

Benefit: Granular policy from an abstract level

Benefit: Granular policy from an abstract level

Policy Enforcement Engine – Static & Dynamic

Got Control? Conquer Static & Dynamic Policies

Benefit: Easy enforcement of dynamic policies

Navigate changing polices with fine-grain authorization controls, and pipeline creation/ config-time and run-time/ execution-time policy enforcement.

Static & Dynamic Policy enforcement
Customizable Gates and Guardrails

Gates & Guardrails

Gates & Guardrails – We got it all

Benefit: Automated administration of security best practices

Ensure end-to-end policy enforcement with compliance capability throughout your software development lifecycle (SDLC) with hard stop restriction and automated administration of security best practices without being the operator of Spinnaker.

Intelligent Policy Consolidation from 3rd Party tools

Gitlab, New Relic, App Dynamic, ServiceNow, Sumologic? Plug it in

Benefit: Impose compliance by leveraging information from 3rd party tools

Consolidate information from 3rd party tool (Gitlab, New Relic, App Dynamic, ServiceNow, Sumologic) and intelligently impose compliance policy.

Intelligent Unified Policy Enforcement
Built-in Compliance and Resolution support

Compliance Resolution

Compliance Resolution All the Way Through

Benefit: Preemptively resolve compliance issues

Preemptively resolve compliance issues by enforcing compliance polices at any stage of pipeline – starting from creation.

Collection and Archival of All Events

Health-check for your Software Lifecycle

Benefit: Easily gain health insight into your software lifecycle

Quickly identify anomalies and best practices by viewing health reports from various tools in your software lifecycle journey.

Comprehensive Collection and Archival of Events
Custom Filters for Events

Custom Filters

Identify Events with Filters in a Jiffy

Benefit: Easily define filters to view an event

Rapidly gain complete picture of an event by defining and placing filters.

Rules and Alert

Notification through email, Slack, HipChat or SMS – Really!

Benefit: Choose your tool to get notifications

Receive notification of any violations to policies and regulations through email, Slack, HipChat, or SMS (via Twilio).

Customizable Rules and Alerts support

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