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Accelerate release velocity with Spinnaker while reducing risk

Webinar Description

Is your team challenged to increase release velocity while, at the same time, being asked to reduce the number of errors that slip through to production? Would you like to clone your senior engineers to verify releases? Do you wish it were easier to make sure policies were enforced?

In theory, it sounds great to analyze every update to be sure it won’t cause problems. But that’s a ton of effort, and you are all under pressure to create more and deploy faster.

The solution is within your grasp. In this on-demand webinar you will learn how to:

  • Leverage machine learning to analyze the risk of every change
  • Automatically enforce all development and deployment policies
  • Nearly eliminate manual work and improve release quality
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Robert Boule, Head of Solution Engineering OpsMx

Robert Boule is a technology enthusiast with PASSION for technology and making things work along with a knack for helping others understand how things work. He comes with around 19 years of solution engineering experience. He is known for his dynamic & interactive Spinnaker & CI/CD presentations.

Peter chargin opsmx

Peter Chargin, VP Marketing OpsMx

Pete Chargin leads Marketing for OpsMx. In his role, Pete is responsible for ensuring the best possible communication between OpsMx and the CD community. Prior to OpsMx, Pete has worked with members of the DevOps community for the past twenty years, including leadership roles at VMware, BigPanda, and Delphix. He started his career as a software engineer, and still focuses on solving the challenges that organizations face as they modernize their application stacks and move to the cloud.

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