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Deploy K8S applications safely using Argo and Autopilot

Webinar Description

Every company uses the GitOps delivery model to deploy Kubernetes applications faster. DevOps engineers use the popular GitOps tool Argo for rapid deployments.

However, to deliver apps into production without any performance and quality risk, combining the delivery intelligence of Autopilot and Argo Rollouts speeds delivery, increases quality, and mitigates risk. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to make Argo more intelligent by integrating it with Autopilot during your advanced deployments, such as canary. The session will highlight how you can leverage Autopilot to perform reliable risk assessment during deployments and minimize product failures by:

  • Machine-learning based analysis without depending on an ad-hoc or primitive threshold-based metric only analysis
  • Integration with vast data sources of logs and metrics from DevOps toolchain 
  • Automated decisions for faster roll-back or roll-forward
  • Advanced diagnostics and triage of issues for more immediate remediation.

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Susmita DevOps Engineer

Kiran Godishala, Software Developer

12+ years of experience in ideation and development of cloud-native enterprise applications. He is AWS Certified and frequently contributes to the open-source Spinnaker project.

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