GitOps for Continuous Delivery and Spinnaker

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The increasing adoption of Kubernetes has given rise to different deployment models and methodologies. With the need for auditability, traceability, version control, configuration management in enterprises, the GitOps methodology is gaining popularity in application delivery on Kubernetes. In this interactive tech talk, OpsMx Director of Engineering, Nirmalya Sen, and CTO Gopinath Rebala discussed how the GitOps methodology can be applied in Continuous Delivery especially when using Spinnaker.

Watch this interactive Tech Talk to learn:

  1. What is GitOps?
  2. How does it fit into DevOps?
  3. Pros and Cons of GitOps
  4. How does GitOps fit in the Spinnaker delivery model
  5. Best practices of GitOps & Spinnaker adoption for enterprises
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Balaji-VP, OpsMx

Balaji Siva, VP of Product OpsMx

Balaji brings 15+ years of experience in product management and marketing in the enterprise software space. Prior to OpsMx, Balaji was head of product management at Cisco for cloud native solutions and network virtualization products portfolio. Balaji is an active speaker in major industry conferences and author of 2 books in the networking domain. Balaji holds an MBA from Wharton School of Business, Master’s in computer engineering from University of Arizona and a Bachelor of Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, India Balaji was a speaker at various conferences including Spinnaker Summit and CDCon.

Gopinath Rebala, CTO OpsMx

Gopinath Rebala, CTO OpsMx

Gopinath Rebala is the CTO of OpsMx, where he has overall responsibility for the machine learning and data processing architectures of OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker. Gopi also has a strong connection with our customers, leading design and architecture for strategic implementations. Gopi is a frequent speaker and well known leader in continuous delivery and in the Spinnaker community. Previously, Gopi was a co-founder and CTO at N42, which delivered machine learning tools for large operational systems.

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