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How to Achieve Enterprise Code-to-Cloud Visibility with Argo and OpsMx

Webinar Description

Achieving visibility and control with Argo for cluster-wide deployments across the enterprise can be a significant challenge. Having to login into clusters where Argo instances are running and manually gather the health status, collect audit information and take appropriate action is a highly labor-intensive task, increases toil, and does not scale.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following:

  • How to pinpoint root causes and take action across the enterprise on deployment problems in real-time using a unified dashboard for visibility and audit.
  • How to ensure that new releases are delivering the performance that users expect.
  • Using DORA metrics, see in real-time how new releases are performing against older versions.
  • How to complete traceability highlighting who, what, and when about pipeline execution and policy violations.
  • List, search, and filter on deployment, environment, and event data collected from Argo clusters, instances, and deployments from a unified dashboard

By the end of this webinar, you will understand how the OpsMx Visibility and Audit for Argo module provides enterprise-wide visibility and control of your deployments, applications, Argo instances, and workflows through a single pane of glass.

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Gopinath Rebala, CTO OpsMx

Gopinath Rebala, CTO of OpsMx

Gopinath Rebala is the CTO of OpsMx, where he has overall responsibility for the machine learning and data processing architectures of OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker.

Gopi also has a strong connection with our customers, leading design and architecture for strategic implementations. Gopi is a frequent speaker and well known leader in continuous delivery and in the Spinnaker community.

Mark Levy - OpsMx

Mark Levy, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, OpsMx

Mark loves to learn, practice, discuss agile, devops, devops culture, lean, software delivery, and continuous delivery. Mark has over 30+ years of experience in enterprise software focusing on application development, software delivery, and IT operations. Outside of work, Mark enjoys crossfit, martial arts, and playing his guitar.