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Integrating Jenkins and Spinnaker to Gain the Best of Both Worlds

Webinar Description

Jenkins is the most popular Continuous Integration (CI) tool in the world. Many people have extended it to handle Continuous Delivery (CD) but with mixed results. The time and effort required to develop, manage, and maintain Jenkins scripts, plugins, and pipelines can be a major source of pain, as is the need to dig through logs to gain visibility into ongoing deployments.

Jenkins was not designed to deploy software changes – especially at scale – but Spinnaker was. Cloud-native, open-source Spinnaker makes it easy to set up and automate your deployments. You can replace Jenkins scripts and eliminate the costs of maintaining custom code and integrating with your existing toolchain.

This webinar will help you understand how to successfully use Jenkins and Spinnaker together to achieve the best of CI and CD as you modernize your software delivery processes.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • The benefits of using Spinnaker as a CD tool instead of Jenkins.
  • How to trigger Jenkins using Spinnaker as the orchestrator.
  • Ways of extending Jenkins pipelines with Spinnaker to achieve continuous delivery
  • Bonus features of Spinnaker that enables continuous verification and policy enforcement

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Sagayaraj David

Anooptej Thotapalli, DevOps Architect

Anooptej Thotapalli is a DevOps Architect with 12+ years of experience in IT as a Developer, Middleware Admin, Oracle DBA and mastering in DevOps. Anoop is a Contributor in Spinnaker community & has also a strong expertise in Kubernetes, Openshift, OpenStack, Jenkins, GIT and Bitbucket.

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