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Integrating Terraform with OSS Spinnaker

Webinar Description

A key reason many enterprises adopt Spinnaker is its ability to automate software releases for multi-cloud environments. While organizations still rely on Terraform to manage infrastructure provisioning prior to deployment, until recently there’s been no way to execute Terraform plans with OSS Spinnaker pipelines.

In this webinar, we introduce a new integration that allows the running of Terraform Infrastructure plans as part of OSS Spinnaker pipelines.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why modern enterprises are adopting Spinnaker to transform their software delivery
  • How Terraform helps enterprises build, change and version control infrastructure with safety and efficiency
  • How to configure the integration of Terraform plans with Spinnaker pipelines

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John Garcia OpsMx

Anoop, Senior Software Engineer- OpsMx

Anooptej is a Senior DevOps Engineer with 12+ years of experience in IT as a Developer, Middleware Admin, Oracle DBA and mastering in DevOps. Anoop is a Contributor in Spinnaker community & has also a strong expertise in Kubernetes, Openshift, OpenStack, Jenkins, GIT and Bitbucket.

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