Jenkins to Spinnaker – Shift Your Continuous Delivery

Webinar Description

Jenkins is the most popular Continuous Integration (CI) tool in the world, and many people have tried to extend Jenkins to handle Continuous Delivery. But Jenkins was not designed to deploy changes – especially at scale.

In this on-demand webinar, learn how to extend Jenkins with Spinnaker – using both tools for what they do best. Spinnaker solves the biggest challenges you’ll encounter when using Jenkins for CD.

What you will learn:

Avoid a scripting nightmare

Spinnaker replaces Jenkins scripts to eliminate the cost of maintaining custom code

Repeal the plug-in tax

Eliminate the extensive management of plugins you need when you use Jenkins to deploy at scale

Create visibility

Easily determine the overall health of your delivery process rather than digging through logs

Automate approvals

Use machine learning to determine the risk of moving a change into production

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srini OpsMx

Srinivas, Principal Consultant – OpsMx

Srinivas has 20+ years of experience in software architecture, design, hands-on development, testing, implementation and maintenance, both in Agile and Waterfall methodologies, across USA, Germany and India.

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