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Identify and Mitigate Software Delivery Risks to Achieve Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker

Webinar Description

Simultaneously trying to increase software release velocity while reducing production errors creates challenges for DevOps teams. Frustrations grow as the number of daily manual software deployment verifications increases. Having access to CD process information and real-time tools for analyzing anomalies quickly can greatly reduce the challenges for SREs and the entire DevOps team.

This webinar will discuss approaches for ingesting data from DevOps toolchains, applying AI/ML to analyze release risk. All while diagnosing and resolving release errors with the help of Spinnaker solutions.

Organizations that implement these approaches can achieve major improvements in the velocity and accuracy of their software releases and dramatically improve the productivity of their DevOps teams and DORA metrics.

In this webinar, you will learn to: 

  • Ingest data from the toolchains your DevOps teams love
  • Analyze that data to develop rich insights and improved releases
  • Leverage AI/ML to analyze logs and metrics to determine release risk
  • Diagnose and quickly resolve errors when deploying to production

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Vasantha kumar Narayan OpsMx

Vasantha Kumar Narayan, Product Manager

Vasantha Kumar leads product management for AI and Analytics at OpsMx. He has 20+ years of experience in building AI and ML systems for enterprise IT. His deep interest lies in technology development & product engineering. He is building ML-based intelligent risk assessment software in the DevOps space that enables teams to deliver software without human intervention.

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