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Reduce Production Failures for Kubernetes App Deployments

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Deploying applications reliably and quickly is a challenge for every organization. Reducing risk with release verification, manual approvals, and policy checking hasn’t solved the problem and too frequently simply slows the process.

Slow decisions are especially painful for cloud-native Kubernetes applications that are designed to be continually updated. But making a bad decision can cause production failures, so you must balance speed and safety. Learn how to:

  • Reduce risk and speed approvals
    Ease the update verification and approval process – gathering data, estimating risk, and making the decision – using advanced ML models
  • Automate governance
    All teams have rules and best practices – learn how to automate policies to reduce errors and speed the process
  • Create visibility
    Improve your overall software delivery process by analyzing the work across all your teams and tools
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Balaji Siva, VP Product OpsMx

Balaji is VP of Product and Business Development at OpsMx. Balaji brings 12+ years experience in product management and marketing in the Enterprise software space. Prior to OpsMx, Balaji was head of product management at Cisco for cloud native solutions and network virtualization products portfolio. Before that Balaji led technical business development at Big Switch Networks. Balaji is a prolific speaker in major industry conferences and author of 2 books in the networking field. Balaji holds a MBA from Wharton School of Business and Masters in Computer Engineering from University of Arizona and Bachelor of Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, India.

Peter chargin opsmx

Peter Chargin, VP Marketing OpsMx

Pete Chargin leads Marketing for OpsMx. In his role, Pete is responsible for ensuring the best possible communication between OpsMx and the CD community. Prior to OpsMx, Pete has worked with members of the DevOps community for the past twenty years, including leadership roles at VMware, BigPanda, and Delphix. He started his career as a software engineer, and still focuses on solving the challenges that organizations face as they modernize their application stacks and move to the cloud.

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