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SaaS Spinnaker: Modernizing Jenkins CI/CD Pipelines

Webinar Description

Jenkins is the most popular Continuous Integration (CI) tool globally, and many people have tried to extend Jenkins to handle Continuous Delivery (CD). But Jenkins was not designed to deploy changes, especially at scale.

However when Jenkins is integrated with SaaS Spinnaker, all the benefits of CI/CD can be realized from Day-1 of operation.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Prevent DevOps engineers from writing and maintaining scripts by modernizing CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins and Spinnaker
  • Eliminate the extensive management of plugins in Jenkins to deploy at scale
  • Maximize the value of your existing Jenkins jobs with Spinnaker
  • Quickly determine the overall health of your application deployment
  • Use AI/ML to determine the risk of moving a change into production
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Susmita DevOps Engineer

Susmita Lakkireddy, DevOps Software Engineer

Certified CKA professional with excellent experience in Cloud DevOps, Spinnaker, GCP, GitOps and handling complex build pipelines. She has worked with multinational organisations in Infrastructure maintenance and administration.

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