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SaaS Spinnaker: Secrets of Successful Software Delivery

Webinar Description

Want to adopt Spinnaker for modernizing software delivery, but:

  • Worried about the risk and cost of implementing open-source software?
  • Concerned about integrating your DevOps toolchain?
  • Security a big concern?
  • Don’t know where to start?

Successful DevOps team achieve continuous delivery (CD) with Spinnaker without any maintenance hassle. They use SaaS Spinnaker.

This webinar will discuss how you can quickly start your CD transformation with OpsMx Intelligent Cloud- SaaS platform built on Spinnaker.

The session will highlight how to:

  • Get a complete production-ready CD solution in minutes
  • Use sample pipelines to start deploying into multicloud quickly, securely, and reliably
  • Apply in-built safe deployment strategies like canary and blue-green
  • Reduce risk and Identify potential errors by automatically analyzing metrics, logs, and test results using AI/ML
  • How to securely deploy as many changes as you need, as fast as you need
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Sagayaraj David

Sagayaraj David, DevOps Architect OpsMx

Sagayaraj is a technology leader with 19+ years of rich experience in IT, driving seamless build and deployment in enterprise infrastructure. Sagayaraj is a Cloud solution architect having strong expertise in AWS, GCP, Azure, and Kubernetes. He is a DevOps evangelist boasting skills set in Spinnaker, Jenkins, Git, Helm, GIT, Docker, Vagrant, Linux, Networking and more.

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