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Scaling Argo Rollouts and Progressive Delivery: Strategies for Managing Complex Deployments

Webinar Description

Are you looking to gain practical insights on implementing Argo rollouts with Progressive Delivery in your organization?

This webinar will explore the strategies and best practices for scaling Argo Rollouts and Progressive Delivery to manage complex deployments. We will dive into how to navigate the challenges of scaling, including managing multiple teams and environments, implementing effective governance and compliance policies, and monitoring and troubleshooting deployments.

Attendees will leave the webinar with a solid understanding of the strategies and best practices for scaling Argo Rollouts and Progressive Delivery, as well as practical insights on how to implement these technologies in their own organizations.

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Balaji Siva, VP – Product, OpsMx

Balaji is VP of Product and Business Development at OpsMx. Balaji brings 12+ years experience in product management and marketing in the Enterprise software space. Prior to OpsMx, Balaji was head of product management at Cisco for cloud native solutions and network virtualization products portfolio.

Mark Levy - OpsMx

Mark Levy, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, OpsMx

Mark loves to learn, practice, discuss agile, devops, devops culture, lean, software delivery, and continuous delivery. Mark has over 30+ years of experience in enterprise software focusing on application development, software delivery, and IT operations. Outside of work, Mark enjoys crossfit, martial arts, and playing his guitar.