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Blue-Green Deployments into AWS EKS using Spinnaker pipelines

Webinar Description

Blue-Green is a technique for deploying a new version of a service into Kubernetes while avoiding downtime. During a blue-green deployment, you shift a small percentage of traffic to a new version of a service while monitoring its behavior to minimize its impact.

Register for this webinar to learn how to implement the Blue-Green deployment strategy for on AWS EKS using Spinnaker pipelines. This webinar will take you step-by-step through a blue-green deployment strategy into EKS with the OpsMx CD platform (built on Spinnaker)

We will use an existing artifact to create a custom application image and deploy it into the infrastructure through a series of gradual updates. One version of our application will be live while the other serves as a standby deployment, so developers can easily roll back changes if there are problems with the new release.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • What is a Blue-Green deployment strategy
  • Why OpsMx CD over other platforms


  • Configure a deployment pipeline
  • Implement a Blue instance
  • Implement a Green instance
  • Configure the deployment strategy
  • Test the application deployment
  • Deploy onto EKS
  • Easy rollbacks in case of a risk

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Sagayaraj David

Anooptej Thotapalli, DevOps Architect

Anooptej Thotapalli is a DevOps Architect with 12+ years of experience in IT as a Developer, Middleware Admin, Oracle DBA and mastering in DevOps. Anoop is a Contributor in Spinnaker community & has also a strong expertise in Kubernetes, Openshift, OpenStack, Jenkins, GIT and Bitbucket.

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