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Simplifying Spinnaker

Webinar Description

Spinnaker is a tremendous deployment tool, enabling enterprises of any size to promote application releases to large scale infrastructure

However, Spinnaker has been considered complex and difficult to use; most people agree that it can save tremendous time once it has been deployed, but many people feel the learning curve is just too steep and takes too long

Not any more!

Watch this 30 minute webinar to learn the key steps so you can hit the ground running with Spinnaker.

  1. Key integrations to complete in your Spinnaker deployment, along with pro tips to save you time
  2. Insights on setting up your first pipeline to eliminate the frustration of trial-and-error that is common when getting started
  3. Leveraging “pipeline as code” to manage your deployments just like you manage all your other software
  4. Using Spinnaker templates to speed the creation of future pipelines

Extend your knowledge and speed the development of your personal Spinnaker expertise!

Watch Now! 

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srini OpsMx

Vamsi Krishna, Senior Software Engineer

Vamsi is a technology leader with 5+ years of rich experience in IT configuration management & DevOps, driving seamless build and deployment in enterprise infrastructure. Vamsi is certified kubernetes administrator, having strong expertise in Spinnaker/CD, Public cloud, DevOps, Ansible, Jenkins, JIRA, and GIT.

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