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The state of Spinnaker in 2023

Webinar Description

Continuous Delivery is a uniquely exciting space to work in today, sitting at the intersection of many trends and innovations. While Spinnaker has proved to be the robust CD platform that enterprises need, what will be Spinnaker’s role as we advance in a world increasingly dominated by containers, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud deployments?

In this fireside chat, Gopal and David will discuss current DevOps trends and the exciting future of Spinnaker. Gopal will share his perspective on the future of Spinnaker based on his work with some of the world’s largest Spinnaker deployments. He will highlight the essential efforts to make Spinnaker easier to adopt at scale, improve the developer experience with smart GitOps, and add control to emerging tools like Argo CD. These initiatives promise to keep Spinnaker at the center of your CD strategy.

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Gopal Dommety, CEO OpsMx

Gopal Dommety, PhD, CEO OpsMx

Gopal is the CEO of OpsMx. OpsMx was founded with the dream of delivering applications with no human intervention – via its Continuous Delivery and Continuous Verification Platform. Previously he was CEO of N42 and held senior roles at Cisco. Gopal studied Computer Science at IIT (Kharagpur), Finance & Public Policy at Stanford University, and obtained a Ph.D in Large Scale Distributed Systems from Ohio State University. He has been awarded 61 US Patents and designed widely deployed Internet Protocols.

David Greene, CMO, OpsMx

David Greene, CRO, OpsMx

David Greene as CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) has a background of helping SaaS companies go from $2-$20M and recently did so at Fortanix. He started his career in Marketing and moved into Selling. He was the CEO of ZeroStack, an OpenStack company which was acquired by Lenovo.