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The Spinnaker Community and 5 Ways Open Source Can Benefit your Business

Webinar Description

A question often asked about open-source projects: What will encourage individuals to join an open-source project and contribute to said project?

Contributor experience is at the heart of open-source communities. OpsMx is an active leader in the open-source Spinnaker project and our commitment is to continue leading the Spinnaker community in discovering, learning, adapting, and extending open-source Spinnaker.

Watch the OpsMx Tech Talk as Marky Jackson, Director of Open-Source Software at OpsMX walks us through an engaging conversation about the Spinnaker open-source community where covers the five benefits of open-source software for businesses.

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Marky Jackson

Marky Jackson, Director Open Source Software

Marky Jackson is a software developer and director of open-source software at OpsMX. Marky is a Jenkins core code maintainer, SIG mentoring lead, org admin for Google Summer of Code and Google Summer of Docs. Marky is also a Kubernetes org member, release lead associate for all quarterly releases, SIG leader and administrator throughout the project.

Beau Roberts

Beau Roberts, Head of Marketing, OpsMx

Beau is a global marketing and product executive with over 20 years of experience building enterprise IT and cybersecurity software brands and creating go-to-market strategies that drive profitable and capital efficient growth.

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