The Benefits of Modern Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker and OpenShift

Webinar Description

Enterprises turn to containers to modernize their applications and typically select Red Hat OpenShift for Kubernetes-native infrastructure. Enterprises need a modern continuous delivery (CD) tool however for:

  • Automating application deployment across test, QA, staging/production OpenShift clusters
  • Auditing deployments for compliance
  • Achieving end-to-end visibility across dev and ops

Watch this webinar as Marky Jackson, OpsMx Director of Open-Source Software, provides an introduction to Spinnaker and talks about the benefits of using Spinnaker for Continuous Delivery of applications to OpenShift deployments. Marky will also talk about how to use the OpsMx Spinnaker Operator to reduce the time and effort required to onboard Spinnaker.

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Marky Jackson

Marky Jackson, Director Open Source Software

Marky Jackson is a software developer and director of open-source software at OpsMX. Marky is a Jenkins core code maintainer, SIG mentoring lead, org admin for Google Summer of Code and Google Summer of Docs. Marky is also a Kubernetes org member, release lead associate for all quarterly releases, SIG leader and administrator throughout the project.

Beau Roberts

Beau Roberts, Marketing Head

Beau is a global marketing and product executive with over 20 years of experience building enterprise IT and cyber-security software brands and creating go-to-market strategies that drive profitable and capital efficient growth.

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