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Spinnaker SaaS: The Best Continuous Delivery Tool for CD Nirvana

Webinar Description

Continuous Delivery is a fantastic DevOps practice, but as you scale CD it can become incredibly complex and difficult to manage.

OpsMx Intelligent Cloud : Join us as we reveal our secrets of accelerating continuous delivery with an easy-to-use, secure and production-ready SaaS platform built on Spinnaker.

In this webinar, you will learn about the best continuous delivery tool and:

  • How to onboard your Kubernetes accounts in minutes.
  • How to use pipeline templates to easily and safely automate canary and blue/green deployments.
  • How you can promote updates on-demand to Kubernetes/AWS/GCP/Azure from Day-1.
  • How to easily and quickly add verification, compliance, and approval gates in your pipelines to automatically reduce the risk of a release.
  • How to achieve enterprise scale and manage toolchain integrations.

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Robert Boule, Head of Solution Engineering OpsMx

Robert Boule is a technology enthusiast with PASSION for technology and making things work along with a knack for helping others understand how things work. He comes with around 19 years of solution engineering experience. He is known for his dynamic & interactive Spinnaker & CI/CD presentations.

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