OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES) is the intelligent software delivery platform.

  • Scalable & Extensible: Spinnaker is scalable, extensible and battle-tested with release workflow orchestration, multi-cloud deployments and automated roll-backs.
  • Simple & Secure: Enterprise extensions increase simplicity, security and scale.
  • Intelligent: OpsMx Autopilot automates release verification; continuous governance and policy, real-time approvals, and enterprise wide traceability and insights.

OES empowers teams to modernize their software delivery: release more quickly, reduce risk, and cut costs.

Continuous Deployment

Achieve repeatable multi-cloud deployments without scripting and reduce failure rates through built-in safe deployment strategies that work across public, private, and container environments. Continuously deploy both microservices and traditional monolith applications.

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Declarative Pipeline-as-Code

Automate and simplify the creation of application delivery workflows with the Pipeline-as-code. Pipelines are templatized and provide the ability to insert fine-grain policy within the pipeline, with real-time visibility and diagnostics during the pipeline execution.

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Continuous Compliance and Audit

Ensure compliance with industry standards and organizational policies while shipping your releases faster to production. Quickly identify the who, what, when, where, and how for your pipelines and applications through audit reports and traces.

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Continuous Security

Mitigate risks while frequently deploying software into production by integrating security best practices into all deployment stages. Secure release pipelines, manage user authentication and role-based authorization, and ensure built-in protection across multiple teams, point tools, and infrastructure through hardened Spinnaker.

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Continuous Verification

Increase customer satisfaction by minimizing errors during build, deploy, test, and release process. Validate the health of new software releases through AI/ML technology that uses data from metrics and logs.

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Real-time Visibility and Insights

Gain the confidence to release software by identifying defects in pipeline and application deployment through deep insights. Foster high trust and collaborative culture through real-time visibility of your complex deployments and their performance in different stages.

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