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Continuously Manage Security Across the Application Lifecycle

OpsMx gives you “developer to deployment” visibility to your SDLC, with AI powered application security posture management (ASPM) and risk assessment at every step.

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Security First Continuous Delivery by OpsMx

Build Enterprise Security on Open Source Tools

Why pay for expensive vendor point products that only give you part of what you need? OpsMx adds unified security posture management on top of popular open source tools.

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Secure Software Delivery by OpsMx

“Shift Left” Security AND Developer Productivity

OpsMx gives application developers easy visibility and actionable guidance to address the security risks in their releases.

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Secure Software Delivery by OpsMx

Open CD – the Foundation for Secure Software Delivery

Upgrade your CD platform and lower your operating costs with open source Argo, Flux, Spinnaker (or all three) supported by OpsMx.

Secure Software Delivery by OpsMx

OpsMx secures and intelligently automates software delivery from developer to deployment, building on an Open Software Delivery architecture and AI/ML-powered DevSecOps

Secure Your Application Lifecycle

“OpsMx adds application security posture management, unified visibility, compliance automation, and security policy enforcement to your existing application lifecycle. With OpsMx, organizations increase application security and accelerate application releases while gaining global visibility to their security posture and keeping developers productive. Building on existing tools and processes, OpsMx is a pragmatic solution to securing the software development lifecycle.”

OpsMx builds a complete picture of the Developer to Deployment Application Lifecycle, using data collected directly from your existing security and DevOps tools. Over 100 integrations to popular open source and commercial tools are available.

Collected data is stored in the SDLC Database to provide a permanent system of record for the software delivery process.

Each organization uses OpsMx Security Policy Management to specify its own policy set. Choose from a predefined library based on common security standards, or create your own custom policies using the Policy Genie.

OpsMx compares the collected data to your organization’s security policies to provide Continuous Security Posture Evaluation. Risks can be identified at any point in the application lifecycle.

Based on the risks identified, OpsMx offers the option of Real-Time Policy Enforcement using the Delivery Firewall that can stop a release or hold it for further review and approval. Enforcement can be done in any environment – Dev, Test, Staging, or Production.

OpsMx captures every step in the process, enabling Automated Compliance reporting and evaluation, including the Delivery Bill of Materials.

application security architecture

OpsMx Application Security Architecture

Application Security that INCREASES Productivity

For Security Teams

  • See how well teams are really following security policies – “trust but verify”
  • Set security policies from a predefined library, or use AI to create your own
  • Track overall security posture and compliance of the organization and individual teams
  • Manage and track security policy exceptions
  • Simplify security audits and automate compliance reporting

For DevOps Teams

  • Get a single status of all applications across development teams
  • See all security data consolidated in one place instead of logging into different tools
  • Use AI risk assessment to tell you where to focus – automatically approve everything else
  • Quickly trace exactly where a new vulnerability is already deployed
  • No need to force developers to change tools

For App Development Teams

  • Compare the security posture of a new release against what is currently running
  • Preview the security policies that apply to your release before you deploy
  • Request and manage exceptions to security policies when a release MUST go out
  • Quickly track new vulnerabilities back to your code
  • Keep using the DevOps tools you already use today
Prevent Proactive Security Controls for Software Delivery

OpsMx builds security and intelligence on top of leading open source and vendor-supplied security, DevOps, continuous delivery, and cloud tools. Keep using the tools you (and your developers) already know and love while still getting the power, visibility, and automation of a unified application security platform from OpsMx.


Open Continuous Delivery (CD)

Modern continuous delivery platforms provide the foundation for secure software delivery and policy enforcement. For customers looking to upgrade their CD platform, OpsMx provides 24×7 enterprise support, critical security patches, and consulting services for the three leading open source CD platforms. Choose the platform that best matches your application environment, or use multiple CD platforms for different use cases, all supported by one vendor. Then extend your open source platform with OpsMx add-on modules for security, release verification, automated approvals, compliance, and unified management.



Fastest growing open source CD project. Kubenetes-native GitOps that is developer friendly and easy to operate.



API-first GitOps at scale chosen by some of the worlds largest network and telecom providers.



Proven multi-cloud deployments at scale, used by some of the world’s largest enterprises.

With OpsMx and Open CD you are NEVER locked into a single vendor’s proprietary platform or open source distribution. Keep the flexibility and low cost of true open source, with access to the continuous innovations of the open source community.

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