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OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker

World’s first ML-powered continuous delivery and verification platform

Automated Workflows

  • Automate your entire CI/CD workflow in minutes
  • Empower your developers to deploy applications through easy-to-create automated pipelines without any scripts. No more burnouts, let developers focus on innovation.
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Multicloud Deployments

  • Avoid Scripts, maintenance, and risky deployments
  • Leverage ready-to-use deployment support for hybrid and multicloud. Deploy apps frequently and safely via canary or blue-green strategies and automated rollbacks.
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Security and Compliance

  • Assure Security and 100% compliance
  • Increase security and establish safeguards in software deployment using fine-grained policies. Ensure 100% compliance with industry standards and internal best practices. Audit and investigate what, who and when of accidental or malicious violations.
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Automated Risk Assessment

  • Reduce risk of releases by 3X and burden on team by 80%
  • Identify the performance and quality of your release by automatically analyzing metrics and logs using AI/ML. Release risk-free software into production and avoid surprises and outages.
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Observability and Diagnostics

  • Create 360o visibility across all tools and CD processes
  • Collaborate more and make better decisions using real-time visibility and deep insights across your software deployment process. Integrate with all your CI/CD tool chain.
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Continuous Delivery Journey



Implement Continuous Delivery quickly

OpsMx customers transform their software delivery process in record speed.

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Achieve Enterprise-wide adoption

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker enables 100,000s of updates every year.

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Realize "Delivery without human intervention"

Gopal Dommety, OpsMx CEO, describes his vision for the future of CD.

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