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Simple : Scalable : Intelligent

Highly Scalable, Intelligent, Multi-Cloud Software Delivery Platform

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES) empowers teams to modernize software delivery : release quickly , reduce risk and cut costs.

Simple : Secure : Intelligent

Automated intelligence for your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Autopilot reduces the risk of errors in production and simultaneously increases release velocity by automating release verification, enforcing policy compliance, and simplifying approvals.


What’s New

OpsMx Intelligent Cloud

We are excited to announce the general availability of the OpsMx Intelligent Cloud – a SaaS solution delivered by OpsMx for our Enterprise customers.


Customer Success

Cisco Transforms Software Delivery

Spinnaker Ebook

Spinnaker Ebook

Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker



Exploring Progressive Delivery cutting edge of CD

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker

World’s first ML-powered continuous delivery and verification platform

Automated Workflows

Automate your entire CI/CD workflow in minutes
Empower your developers to deploy applications through easy-to-create automated pipelines without any scripts. No more burnouts, let developers focus on innovation.

Security and Compliance

Assure Security and 100% compliance
Increase security and establish safeguards in software deployment using fine-grained policies. Ensure 100% compliance with industry standards and internal best practices. Audit and investigate what, who and when of accidental or malicious violations.

Automated Risk Assessment

Reduce risk of releases by 3X and burden on team by 80%
Identify the performance and quality of your release by automatically analyzing metrics and logs using AI/ML. Release risk-free software into production and avoid surprises and outages.

Observability and Diagnostics

Create 360° visibility across all tools and CD processes

Collaborate more and make better decisions using real-time visibility and deep insights across your software deployment process. Integrate with all your CI/CD tool chain.

Multi-Cloud Deployments

Avoid scripts, maintenance, and risky deployments
Leverage ready-to-use deployment support for hybrid and multicloud. Deploy apps frequently and safely via canary or blue-green strategies and automated rollbacks.

Our Products


Enterprise Spinnaker

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES) is the intelligent software delivery platform.

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Autopilot analyzes the risk of all changes, automatically determining the confidence that an update can be promoted to the next pipeline stage without introducing errors.

OpsMx Intelligent Cloud (2)

Intelligent Cloud

Trust the reliability of Spinnaker and enjoy extra scale, security, ease-of-use, and intelligence of OpsMx Cloud.

Seamless Integrations

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google_cloud
  • openstack
  • Kubernetes
  • docker
  • Jenkins
  • travis CI
  • Google_cloud
  • cat
  • dog
  • Google_cloud
  • maven
  • bitbucket
  • line
  • oracle
  • jfrog Xray
  • maven
  • Gradle
  • Kaniko
  • Apache JMeter
  • Jenkins
  • selenium
  • setting
  • sumo logic
  • splunk
  • stackdrive
  • AppDynamics
  • datadog
  • prometheus
  • new relic
  • Graphite
  • vault
  • aqua
  • Hashi Corp Sentinel
  • jfrog Xray
  • sonarQube
  • chat
  • oautn
  • open policy agent
  • Okta_integrations
  • Checkmarx_integrations
  • Twistlock_integrations
  • servicenow
  • jira
  • mail
  • slack
  • twilio
  • Pager Duty
  • terraform
  • Ansible
  • puppet


Continuous Delivery Journey

Start step


Implement Continuous Delivery quickly

OpsMx customers transform their software delivery process in record speed.

Scale step


Achieve Enterprise-wide adoption

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker enables 100,000s of updates every year.

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Realize “Delivery without human intervention”

Gopal Dommety, OpsMx CEO, describes his vision for the future of CD.

Resources for your Continuous Delivery

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Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker

Continuous Delivery Planning Guide

Continuous Delivery Planning Guide

Spinnaker Operating Models

Spinnaker Operating Models

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