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Audit for Argo

Audit plays an important role to anticipate problems & risks, and bring order to the software delivery process. But as software release velocity increases, it is challenging to keep track of all the deployments, events and data that led to the promotion of releases to the production.

OpsMx ISD for Argo provides an Audit and Supply Chain module that maintains 100% audit of all GitOps events allowing one to understand who deployed, what, and when, and into which cluster. ISD provides software supply chain reporting and helps you trace CVE’s impact on production.

Audit for Argo

ISD for Argo- Audit and Supply Chain Module

Workflow and System Audit

The Audit module captures all the information on what happened (who, what, when) across the entire GitOps deployment process. This audit report includes the application, CD tool, deployment start time and date, deployment duration, destination cluster, namespace, source repository, source path, etc.

Unified dashboard for visibility

Get enterprise-wide visibility and control through a single pane of glass. Understand in real-time how new releases are performing against older versions. Pinpoint root causes and take action on deployment problems in real time. Decrease MTTR with application release issues to avoid impacting your customer experience.

Support for multiple CD tools

The audit module can connect with multiple CD tools, such as Argo CD, Spinnaker, and Jenkins, providing a consolidated view of the GitOps and CD process. You can also get audit reports on who, what, and when pipelines and application deployments.


Audit for Argo CD

Central plane to investigate who, what and when about the GitOps style deployments using Argo CD.

Delivery intelligence for Argo CD

Accelerate application delivery by automating deployment analysis and release verification.

Advanced deployment strategies using Argo

Get insights into determining the right deployment strategy for your GitOps deployments to Kubernetes using ArgoCD.

Benefits of Audit module for Argo

Faster time to investigate incidents

Audit reports quickly highlight who, what, and when about app deployments and policy violations. Handle incidents faster with search and filter information on deployment, environment, and event data.

Improved SDLC decision making

With trends of successful and failed deployments, history of users, and deployment action on multiple clusters, take steps to improve and optimize your SDLC process.

Test Drive ISD for Argo Today

See for yourself GitOps for Kubernetes applications with production-grade Argo, multicluster visibility, enterprise security, intelligent verification, and more.


Multicluster deployments with Argo CD

Deploy your application with GitOps-style into multiple Kubernetes clusters using Argo CD.

Git configuration in Argo

Learn how to configure private Git repo in Argo and deploy app into a Kubernetes cluster at scale.

Get started with Argo CD

Install Argo into Kubernetes using HELM charts or manifest files.