Intelligent Deployments and Delivery For Gitlab

GitLab is a DevOps software package that combines the ability to develop, secure, and operate software in a single application. It claims to bring in teams together to shorten the delivery cycle time, strengthen security and increase developer productivity. However, Gitlab in its current state is suited well for traditional deployments and doesn’t support advanced deployment strategies and compliance automation out-of-the-box besides few other gaps (compelling for modern enterprises).

OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) bridges those gaps and enables enterprises to transform their continuous delivery process by enabling the following key capabilities on top of what Gitlab has to offer.

No-code Hybrid-cloud Deployments

Hybrid-cloud requires scripts for cloud-native deployments, but ISD (using Argo and Spinnaker) can deploy applications on bare metal, container, VM, or serverless platforms through our integration with all clouds (OpenStack, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker, vSphere) or public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) using pre-defined templates without having the need to write any code.

No-code Deployment Strategies

ISD comes with cloud-native deployment strategies, handles underlying orchestration such as verifying health checks, disabling old server groups, and enabling new server groups. It supports red/black, rolling red/black, A|B, canary deployments strategies out-of-the-box.

No code deployment strategies
Progressive & Safe Deployment Strategies

AI-powered Automated Pipelines

ISD offers pipeline or workflow constructs used for deployments of applications and for managing cloud resources. One gets the flexibility to add pre-defined stages like Bake, Find Image, Deploy, Disable/Enable/Resize a server group to perform a series of deployment operations automatically. The intelligence gates within an end-to-end orchestration enables enterprises to automate code-to-cloud deployments without any human intervention.

Smart GitOps

ISD enables out-of-the-box GitOps styles declarative deployments for Kubernetes or multi-destination deployments. The intelligence gates allow enterprises to drive the GitOps allowing flexibility in the process yet having tight control, visibility and insights into end-to-end workflow.

Safeguards for Deployment

ISD offers various safeguards types to ensure a new software version can be added and removed safely. From verification of a new release to one-click rollback, if issues are encountered during deployment, to cluster locking for maintaining exclusivity on resources during deployment, you get it all.

Ease of use, Dashboards, DORA Metrics

Besides the no-code, no-script approach, ISD offers an intuitive UI with a self-service on-boarding model for developers and engineers alike. Dashboards provide actionable intelligence as well as performance insights and pin-point areas of improvements for end to end process. With out-of-the-box integration and setup capabilities, a minimum learning curve is required to get started with production ready pipelines and deployments.

Security, Governance and Compliance

ISD offers the ability to insert intelligence gates that leverage static business rule definitions or data driven policy enforcements to help enterprises achieve release autonomy, automate compliance as well as security. Examples: Release software only when there are no P1 or P2 open, Deploy only when static code analysis has passed, etc.

Visibility, Audit and Delivery Supply chain

With its pluggable data integration layer, ISD can fetch data from anywhere in your existing DevOps tool chain and convert it into actionable intelligence to automate approvals or verification stages, or rollback. ISD also helps enterprises be audit ready with audit dashboard and compliance reports available on press of a button.

Continuous Verification

ISD enables enterprises to automate decision making with highest confidence by offering intelligence on tests or deployments leveraging system, application, DB, business-level metrics and logs. ISD analyzes the stats, comparing it with the baseline to determine the verification score used to automate go or no-go decisions. It also analyzes logs out-of-the-box.

Infrastructure Health Check

ISD provides the ability to fetch insights into the health of your application instances, containers, load balancers or firewalls with the ability to kill the offending resource from the dashboard itself instead of rolling back or killing the entire deployment.

Key Benefits

Continue to use Gitlab for artefacts and versioning, but complement it with the best in the class continuous delivery to


Improve new application provisioning speed by 90%

48hrs today to 4hrs by automate building the images reducing manual effort for selecting binaries and building image

Eliminate production errors by 80%

Immutable servers with exact tested images promoted from staging to production and configuration in version control system.

Faster and Safer Deployment

Eliminate feature overlap and balance licence costs

Flexible licensing policy to cut down infra and licence overheads and accommodate the expense from existing budget or minimal overhead to get started


Improve deployment success rates to 99%

Easy rollback due to immutable server configurations, automated verification, promoting a fully tested binary image with only config changes

100% Compliant and Audit Ready Delivery Process

48hrs today to 4hrs by automate building the images reducing manual effort for selecting binaries and building image

Faster and Safer Deployment

Reduce diagnostic time by 30%

Visibility into deployments across multiple groups, share status and reports with RBAC

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