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OpsMx provides Spinnaker-as-a-Service, a fully managed version of Spinnaker using a SaaS model, with OpsMx managing the infrastructure and operation of your Spinnaker deployment. You can be up and running with Spinnaker in minutes.

With OpsMx Spinnaker SaaS, you enjoy highly available and highly secure Spinnaker, painless version upgrades, 24×7 support and best practices, and the freedom to concentrate on your Continuous Delivery transformation.


Fastest Path to Spinnaker Deployment

Spin up your production-grade Spinnaker in minutes, without any hassle or worry about infrastructure. Your team can start to deploy their application into production starting now, regardless of the target – you can use OpsMx Spinnaker-as-a-Service to deploy to AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, and even your on-premise environment.

Fully Hosted and Securely Managed

OpsMx Spinnaker-as-a-Service provides instant version upgrades of Spinnaker. We scan and harden Spinnaker and correct any future regressions by delivering security patches. We handle the entire infrastructure (compute, storage, network, databases) and provide 24*7 monitoring of infrastructure health and proactive troubleshooting.

Instantaneously Scalable

With OspMx Spinnaker-as-a-Service, you can automatically scale immediately, providing high-performance software delivery for a nearly unlimited number of changes. We handle the architecture and management – you concentrate on the innovation.



Faster Spinnaker Onboarding


High Productivity


Frictionless Innovation

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