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What’s New in Spinnaker?
Performance, Security, Cloud Readiness, and More

Webinar Description

A Review of Spinnaker Releases 1.32 and 1.33

The Spinnaker community continues to drive innovation, scalability, and security into the platform, reinforcing Spinnaker’s position as the proven open-source solution for large-scale, multi-cloud application deployments. As new demands emerge for enterprise performance, cloud platform support, and reducing security vulnerabilities, how can Spinnaker help you and your organization stay ahead?

This webinar showcases some of the key new features and enhancements added to Spinnaker 1.32 and 1.33 releases. Open Source Spinnaker Contributors and OpsMx Senior Engineers Sandesh Jain and Kiran Godishala will review:

In this session, we will:

  • Support for artifact store for performance improvements of up to 70%
  • Improved performance in multi-page loading of Roles in Fiat
  • Bake support for Helmfile for Kubernetes deployment
  • Improved support for Lambda functions
  • Support multiple version deployments based on target Kubernetes version
  • Circuit breaker configurations to assign to individual REST endpoints
  • Improved vulnerability profile and modernization of Spinnaker libraries

Who Should Attend

  • Spinnaker Users looking to take advantage of new Spinnaker features

  • Spinnaker Administrators who are planning their Spinnaker upgrade strategy

  • DevOps Professionals and SREs who are evaluating CD platforms

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Sandesh J Principal Software Engineer OpsMx

Sandesh J, Principal Software Engineer, OpsMx

Sandesh is a Principal Engineer at OpsMx. He is currently leading DevOps/CICD practice and working with large multinational enterprise customers (Fortune 50) in migrating to Continuous Delivery.

Kiran Godishala

Kiran Godishala, Software Engineer

Kiran Godishala is a AWS certified Developer – 12+ years of experience in ideation and development of cloud-native enterprise applications. He is AWS Certified and frequently contributes to the open-source Spinnaker project.