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Secure Open
Continuous Delivery

DevSecOps + Continuous Delivery =
Fast, Secure, Compliant Deployments

OpsMx Secure Open Continuous Delivery (Secure Open CD) is the first software delivery and deployment solution specifically designed for enterprise security and compliance. OpsMx Secure Open CD combines a comprehensive GitOps multi-cloud delivery and deployment platform with DevSecOps capabilities to automatically enforce and audit security compliance.

Use OpsMx Secure Open CD to manage security posture, accelerate multicloud and Kubernetes deployments, automate approvals, block vulnerabilities, and enforce policy compliance.

DevSecOps Secure Continuous Delivery

DevSecOps and Secure Software Delivery

Deployment Firewall

  • Policy enforced deployment security
  • Policy and rules driven automated compliance
  • Automated verification and risk scores for actionable intelligence
  • Policy packs for compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc. and enforcement tracking
No code deployment strategies

DevSecOps Control Plane

  • Automatically discover the application delivery and deployment process
  • Gather, synthesize, and correlate data from across the full set of DevOps and security tools
  • Unified, normalized view across all tools, silos, data sets
  • Support collaboration across users, teams, and processes

Continuous Automated Risk Assessment

  • Automated release verification, including support for progressive deployment models
  • Automated aggregation of and evaluation of complete data set to guide the team who releases. AI/ML models guide decisions, focus attention, overcome alert fatigue
No code deployment strategies

Security Vulnerability Tracing and Incident Response

  • Continuous monitoring of production deployments for vulnerabilities
  • Alerts on new vulnerabilities present in your environment as they are announced
  • Tracing where those vulnerabilities are currently deployed
  • Exception management when applications with vulnerabilities need to be deployed anyway
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Enterprise Continuous Delivery and GitOps

Scalable Enterprise GitOps

  • Argo CD based scalable and safe deployments to Kubernetes
  • Git controlled delivery and deployment process
  • Developer friendly pipeline as code
  • Self service model with reusable templated pipelines and pipeline stages
No code deployment strategies
No code deployment strategies

Automated Deployment, Verification, Rollback

  • Automated Canary, Blue-Green, and progressive deployments
  • Continuous automated verification using metrics, logs and security scan results and automated rollback
  • Any application, any target, any region deployments
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning (Infra as Code) and real-time infra health check

Release Observability and Delivery Intelligence

  • Real-time release lifecycle observability and insights
  • AI/ML-driven actionable insights to automate pipelines and stages with verification and other judgement gates
  • Simplified, intelligent and data-driven policy generation
  • Performance measurement with DORA Metrics – fastest, slowest, and failing pipelines, etc.
No code deployment strategies

Governance and Audit Reports

  • Unified dashboard for end-to-end view of execution, automated deployment reports – versions, clusters, regions insights
  • Audit for each release and deployment pipeline (code to cloud) with pipeline execution, policy execution, deployment and user audit
  • Automated compliance reporting and notifications

Secure Continuous Delivery Datasheet

Read about secure, automated, and scalable CD solution to reduce risk exposure and bring greater resilience and integrity to your applications

Top Reasons to Consider Deployment Security

Learn how radical changes in the delivery processes introduce new security risks and increase the attack surface.

Tackle the Threat of Software Supply Chain Attacks

Find the comprehensive solution to tackle real-time vulnerability risks and security breaches in your delivery process.


Deliver Better Software Faster

Deliver Better Software Faster

10x Speed of delivery – Intelligent automation applied to the software delivery pipeline enables users to improve the velocity, accuracy, and security of software deliveries.

Shift-left Security

Shift-Left Security and Compliance

100% Compliance – Central security and compliance teams can define enterprise-wide security and compliance checks with policy enforcement by intelligent automation.

Turbocharge DevOps

Turbocharge DevSecOps / DevOps Productivity

Zero Risks and Errors – Eliminate manual tasks, enable teams to focus on delivering customer value, not maintaining scripts and infra and pushing code to production.

Breakthrough Delivery

Reduce Vulnerabilities & Production errors

80% less production issues though Automated verifications for security (code, infra, pipelines), test, deployment and compliances.

Improve Developer Experience

Improve Developer Experience

Enable exceptional developer experience and productivity with GitOps model with complete visibility and insights

Fast time to Value

Audit Readiness

Be audit-ready at any given point of time with all the data available at the press of a button – who did what and when!

Happy with your current CI/CD tools?

You can add OpsMx security to your current CI/CD platform

Secure Open CD Architecture

The OpsMx platform delivers maximum flexibility through the open tool and CD engine integrations. Combined with AI-powered intelligent automation and decentralized control, the system enables development teams to ship better software faster.

ISD Arhitecture

OpsMx Secure Open CD consists of a Delivery Orchestration layer that allows teams to design, orchestrate and manage an end-to-end (code to multi-cloud) pipeline while leveraging their existing DevOps tool chain like Git, Jenkins, Jira, etc. An AI/ML driven intelligence layer sits on top of the delivery orchestration to practically automate everything including, approvals, verification (code, build, test, deployment), compliance and governance as well as security enabling elimination of any vulnerabilities around code, pipeline and infra).