Continuous Verification for Argo

No more manual release verifications. Save hours and improve the developer experience.

Identifying the risk of a release across the Argo delivery pipelines can be an excruciating exercise for DevOps teams. These exercises lead to unnecessary delays.

OpsMx platform is AI-enabled and integrates with your Argo ecosystem to enable a continuous feedback mechanism. The intelligence layer finds bugs with the underlying cause of failures and assesses risks through all stages of the software delivery

Test Risk Assessment and Diagnosis

Analyzing Test reports are now fully automated. Cut down on triage by redirecting your engineers to the root cause of an issue.

OpsMx Intelligence can help you run custom issue generator to test resileicney of your release. It also pinpoints the location of the root cause for engineers to fix the bug in no time.

Automated Decisioning for Deployment Automation

Transform Argo CD into a fully autonomous pipeline by verifying new application deployments based on errors, exceptions, and performance. Get instant rollbacks or deploy approvals based on machine learning algorithms.

Built-in Deployment Strategies

OpsMx integration bring in Canary and Blue Green deployment strategies pre-configured for your Argo rollouts. For custom requirements, just use YAML configuration to make changes as needed.

Granular Visibility with Production Telemetry

Insightful data to gauge stability and performance of latest releases in a single dashboard. Visualize and analyze parameters like business logic and infrastructure metrics on real-time data.


Get out-of-the-box integrations for log analyzers and APM tools you have already invested in. It takes a few mins to integrate with monitoring tools, fetch data, analyze data, and prescribe results about build, deploy, test, and prod verification.

Key Benefits


Faster Triage

Reduce time to identify errors in build, deploy, test, and production phases from hours to seconds with the built-in diagnostic features.

Gain Developer Productivity

Developer Friendly

Remove toil to improve developer productivity with ease of use and familiar languages and tools- YAML/Git.


Elevated customer experience

With continuous verification and production telemetry, enterprises can be sure their site is not negatively impacted due to change and ensure customer delight.



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