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Security and Governance for Argo

Security policies and governance are enforced to make GitOps compliant with industry best practices and standards. But manual policy checks can be a bottleneck to GitOps deployment. DevSecOps team needs to enforce security checks into their deployment and delivery processes to release business features quickly without any risks. The security and governance module for Secure Argo CD can be used to perform security risk assessment, maintain DBOM, and enforce deployment firewall in your GitOps process.

OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery for Argo

Secure and Governance for Argo CD

Central DevSecOps Dashboard for GitOps

Secure Argo CD offers a DevSecOps dashboard to understand the security risks associated with all the applications getting deployed across various teams and geography. DevOps team get holistic information about security vulnerabilities wrt each service, deployment date, developers, etc. will help owners make decisions faster regarding GitOps deployment and software delivery process.

DBOM for entire CI/CD

Delivery Bill of Materials (DBOM) is an essential item for organizations with enterprise scale software delivery and a fleet of microservices. OpsMx Secure Argo CD integrates with other DevOps tools to provide the DBOM across various stages of CI/CD. Get information such as vulnerability reports of application, binaries, and dependencies, test coverage reports, security benchmarking, etc at your fingertips.

Deployment Firewall

Continuously monitors the security posture of your application with Secure Argo CD, and identifies exactly the vulnerability in your environment. Secure Argo CD provides the mechanism to create security and compliance rules based on the posture and enforce them at the deployment stage of your software delivery. Using Secure CD, you can extend deployment firewalls and apply to any CD tools in your ecosystem such as Spinnaker, Jenkins, GitLab, etc.

Automated Security Policies for GitOps

OpsMx Secure Argo CD empowers DevSecOps team to create automated policies and implement them to the GitOps process. Preventive delivery policies, such as stopping an application deployment based on vulnerability metrics, can easily be enforced easily. Secure Argo CD provides flexibility to create various rules, alerts and warnings based on security requirements to enable a risk-free GitOps deployment process.

Audit and Compliance in Software Delivery

Make your software delivery and GitOps is compliant to industry standards with automated audit and compliance reports generated by OpsMx Secure Argo CD. Instead of DevOps team spending time to collect information from disparate systems and multiple Argo instances, they can now get audit and attestation reports with information highlighting who, what, and when about GitOps deployment and policy violations.

Enterprise Security with AuthN & AuthZ

DevOps team can implement security frameworks like LDAP/SAML to all Argo CD and Argo Rollouts instances from a single plane. You can enable role-based access controls (RBAC) for users such as DevOps, developers, and Ops team to use Argo with the required privileges.

Secret management

Avoid storing sensitive information in Git. With a security and governance module of Secure Argo CD, the DevOps team can ensure tokens, passwords, certificates, and API Keys related to Argo are stored in Vault and secure GitOps practices in production.


Delivery intelligence for Argo CD

Accelerate application delivery by automating deployment analysis and release verification.

Advanced deployment strategies using Argo

Get insights into determining the right deployment strategy for your GitOps deployments to Kubernetes using ArgoCD.

Visibility and control for Argo

Central plane to visualise and control enterprise-wide deployments, applications, Argo instances, and CD workflows.

Benefits of OpsMx ISD for Argo

Reduction in Change Failure Rates

80% less production issues through frequent monitoring of security vulnerabilities in application and dependencies at various stages of software delivery.

Audit Readiness

Be audit-ready at any given point of time with all the data available at the press of a button – who did what and when!

GitOps Compliance

Build 100% security and compliance into the GitOps process by enforcing enterprise-wide policies and security checks before deploying code into Kubernetes clusters.

Test Drive ISD for Argo Today

See for yourself GitOps for Kubernetes applications with production-grade Argo, multicluster visibility, enterprise security, intelligent verification, and more.


Configure RBAC in Argo CD

Learn how to implement RBAC and allow teams to use Argo CD with least privileges.

Enable SSO in Argo CD

Read how to configure SSO in Argo CD by integrating with Okta.

LDAP and OpenLDAP for ArgoCD

Make Argo CD fit for production usage by configuring LDAP and OpenLDAP.