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Secured Deployments and Delivery for GitHub Actions

GitHub is well adopted by developers for its capabilities around controlling the code / app development progression and versioning. GitHub has a new feature called Actions automating deployments. While GitHub Actions is a good CD tool, DevSecOps techniques to secure their software delivery process.

OpsMx Secured Software Delivery (SSD) enables DevSecOps to securely deploy their microservices into any cloud or Kubernetes cluster at speed and scale. SSD can be natively integrated with GitHub Actions without any modifications to the existing stack. SSD provides security controls, deployment firewall for the delivery process, and AI-based verification for canary and blue/green deployments.

Secured Software Delivery for GitHub Actions

OpsMx provides Secured Software Delivery (SSD) for enterprises using GitHub Actions to detect vulnerabilities across all the applications, allowing them to create policies and achieve 100% compliance around security and regulatory mandates.

Central DevSecOps Dashboard for all Applications

OpsMx SSD offers a DevSecOps dashboard to understand the security risks associated with all the applications, getting deployed using GitHub Actions, across various teams and geography. DevOps team get holistic information about security vulnerabilities wrt each service, deployment date, developers, etc. will help owners make decisions faster regarding deployments and delivery.

No code deployment strategies

Delivery Bill of Materials (DBOM) for entire CI/CD

DBOM is an essential item for organisations with high scale delivery and a fleet of microservices. SSD integrates with GitHub Actions and other DevOps tools to provide the DBOM for any application across various stages of CI/CD. Get information such as vulnerability reports of application, binaries, and dependencies, test coverage reports, security benchmarking, etc at your fingertips.

Deployment Firewall

OpsMx SSD continuously monitors the security posture of your application and tells you exactly where any new vulnerability is in your environment. SSD provides the mechanism to create security and compliance rules based on the posture and enforce them at the deployment stage of your software delivery. Apply deployment firewalls to GitHub Actions to fail or rollback applications in case of failed security checks.

No code deployment strategies

Automated Security Policies for GitHub Actions

OpsMx SSD empowers DevSecOps team to create automated policies and implement them to GitHub Actions pipelines. Preventive delivery policies such as stopping a delivery pipeline based on vulnerability metrics can easily be enforced. SSD provides flexibility to create various rules, alerts and warnings based on security posture to enable a risk-free software delivery process.

Audit and Compliance Delivery

Make your software delivery using GitHub Actions compliant to industry standards with automated audit and compliance reports generated by OpsMx SSD. Instead of DevOps team spending time to collect information from disparate systems, SSD provides audit and attestation reports with information highlighting who, what, and when pipeline execution and policy violations.

Advanced Deployment Strategies

OpsMx SSD comes with cloud-native deployment strategies, handles underlying orchestration such as verifying health checks, disabling old server groups, and enabling new server groups. DevOps team can implement advanced deployment strategies such as blue/green and canary for rolling out Kubernetes application safely from Day-1.

Continuous Risk Assessment of Releases at Scale

With the SSD, you can automatically collect logs and metrics and apply NLP and unsupervised machine learning to calculate the overall risk score of new deployments. SSD can determine the risk scores of cloud and Kubernetes applications wrt quality, performance, reliability, and security of each release before deployment.

Key Benefits


Reduction of Vulnerabilities in Production

80% less production issues through frequent monitoring of security vulnerabilities in application and dependencies at various stages of software delivery.
Gain Developer Productivity

SDLC Compliance

Build 100% security and compliance into the SDLC process by enforcing enterprise-wide policies and security checks in the GitHub Actions pipeline.
Reduce Risk

Turbocharge DevSecOps Productivity

Eliminate the overwhelming process of manual security checks of numerous software every week with automated reports wrt DBOM and security reports.

Deliver Better Software Faster

With OpsMx Secure CD, you can deliver modern and traditional workloads into cloud and VMs using an automated pipeline.
Gain Developer Productivity

Safe Delivery into Production

Implement provides delivery strategies such as canary, blue-green, and progressive delivery to release applications safely into production.
Reduce Risk

Audit Readiness

Be audit-ready at any given point of time with all the data available at the press of a button – who did what and when!


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