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Using the CI/CD Process to Achieve NIST 800-53 Compliance: A Guide to Secure Software Delivery

Navigate the complexities of software supply chain security with the guidance of NIST standards in our definitive whitepaper. This essential read offers a blend of strategic insight and practical advice for reinforcing your CI/CD pipeline.

Core Insights from the Whitepaper->

  • Software Supply Chain Security: Understand the pivotal importance of security measures within the software supply chain and its broader implications for modern enterprises.
  • Secure Delivery and Deployment: Learn about the best practices for securing software delivery and deployment, critical stages that determine the integrity of software products.
  • Lessons from History: Reflect on historical case studies that spotlight the dangers of overlooking security in the ‘last mile’ of deployment.
  • Integrating Security from Start to Finish: Embrace the “Shift Left” approach to security, embedding it early in the development lifecycle, and discover strategies to carry it through to deployment.
  • Adhering to NIST Compliance: Uncover the specific NIST compliance controls that are most pertinent to CI/CD and how to apply them effectively within your organization.

Who Will Benefit:

This whitepaper is crafted for DevOps engineers, SREs, platform architects, security professionals, and compliance managers who are tasked with upholding security standards while maintaining efficient delivery cycles.

Take Action Towards Enhanced Security:

Step up the security of your CI/CD pipeline. Download our whitepaper now and begin the journey to a more secure and compliant software delivery system.


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