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Visibility and Insights for your CI/CD pipelines

The Visibility and Insights module of OpsMx Secure CD provides deployment and delivery visibility and decision making insights into the end-to-end software delivery process. The module ingests and analyzes all CI/CD toolchain data from each workflow to continuously assess risk and make automated, informed approvals with complete visibility for each release.

Visibility & Insights

Secure CD – Visibility and Insights Capabilities

Application & deployment insights

Get a consolidated view of application deployments across microservices deployed into various environments- production/testing/dev- in different clusters or regions. The application dashboard provides information such as the number of applications, number of deployments, pipeline failures, verification failures, pending approvals, etc.

Infrastructure Health Check

The visibility module provides insights into the health of applications, VMs, Kubernetes clusters, pods, containers, load balancers, or firewalls. The module also provides the ability to perform pod operations from the UI, such as descaling pod replicas instead of making changes to the entire deployment.

Performance insights from DORA metrics

The visibility and insight module leverages DORA(DevOps Risk Assessment) metrics to give you a comprehensive view of deployment performance. This module helps users with better decision-making providing critical metrics such as Deployment Frequency(DF), Lead Time for Changes(MLT), Change Failure Rate(CFR), Mean Time to Recovery(MTTR), fastest and slowest pipelines, most failed pipelines, etc. This enables businesses to optimize operations, improve customer experiences, and accelerate delivery.

Audit of Deployment, Pipelines and Policies

The Visibility module of ISD for Spinnaker provides an audit report across all CI/CD events. The audit report generated by ISD helps investigate events with information about pipeline executions, policy violations, who deployed, who approved, etc.

Integration with multiple CI/CD tools

OpsMx ISD for Spinnaker provides native integrations with 70+ common CI/CD tools and fetches holistic insights about software delivery to release your application at speed and scale.


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Benefits of Visibility and Insights module for Secure CD

360° visibility of application deployment

Get consolidated real-time information about all your deployments in a single plane.

3X better management of Argo CD

Control all your Argo CD and Argo Rollouts instances from a single plane. Implement security authorization from a single plane.

Improved SDLC decision making

With trends of successful and failed deployments, chain failure rate, and lead time in a central plane, take immediate steps to improve your SDLC process.


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