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Audit and Supply Chain for Spinnaker

Audit plays a vital role in anticipating problems & risks and bringing order to the software delivery process. But as software release velocity increases, keeping track of all the deployments, events, and data that led to the promotion of releases to production is challenging.

The Audit and Supply Chain module of ISD for Spinnaker maintains a 100% audit of all CI/CD events. The audit report generated by ISD helps investigate events with information on who deployed, what, when, who approved the release, and what data was used to approve the release.

Audit for Spinnaker

ISD for Spinnaker – Audit and Supply Chain Module

Application Deployment Audit

The Audit module captures all the information on what happened (who, what, when) across the entire CI/CD process. ISD provides real-time audit reports with relevant information such as application deployed, pipeline name, pipeline start time, pipeline execution duration, number of successful and failed pipelines, destination cluster, namespace, source repository, developer, approver, source path, etc.

Policy Execution Audit

OpsMx ISD for Spinnaker also provides audit reports into the policies execution during application deployments. The audit report includes information such as the number of total policies executed, the number of successful or failed policy execution, the name and type of the policy gates, the name of the deployment pipelines, etc.

Deployment Pipeline Audit

ISD for Spinnaker also provides reports on software pipeline management. The audit report includes the number of pipelines created, modified, or deleted, who has modified them, and the application’s name for a specific period.

Support for multiple CI/CD tools

The audit module of OpsMx ISD can connect with multiple CD tools, such as Argo CD, Spinnaker, and Jenkins, and provide a consolidated view of the GitOps and CD process. ISD can provide deployment across multiple clusters and a historical view of your software changes, deployments, environments, and releases.


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Benefits of Audit module for Spinnaker

Faster time to investigate incidents

Audit reports quickly highlight who, what, and when about app deployments and policy violations. Handle incidents faster with search and filter information on deployment, environment, and event data.

Improved SDLC decision making

With trends of successful and failed deployments, history of users, and deployment action on multiple clusters, take steps to improve and optimize your SDLC process.

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