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Delivery Shield

Secure your application lifecycle with continuous security posture management, global visibility, and policy enforcement

OpsMx Delivery Shield adds application security posture management, unified visibility, compliance automation, and security policy enforcement to your existing application lifecycle. The ever-increasing number of application releases, shorter application lifecycles, and a continuously evolving threat landscape mean that Security, DevOps, and Application teams struggle to find and fix application security issues before they reach production. Building on the tools and processes you already have in place today, OpsMx Delivery Shield gives organizations a pragmatic solution to accelerate and secure their software development lifecycle.

What Delivery Shield Offers

OpsMx Delivery Shield takes a comprehensive, developer to deployment approach to ensuring application security and compliance, including:

  • Application Lifecycle Visibility. Many organizations already have the security data they need spread across their existing tools and processes. OpsMx consolidates and analyzes that data in one place.
  • Security Posture Evaluation. Moment in time security checks are not enough. OpsMx continuously monitors security risks in application releases across dev, test, staging, and production environments.
  • Policy Enforcement. Control release process with automated approvals and release verification, block high-risk releases.
  • “Shift Left” Developer Productivity. Give developers more time to code with actionable guidance on how to address security gaps.
  • Incident Response. New vulnerabilities can be announced at any time. With OpsMx you can find them faster and fix them sooner.
  • Security Effectiveness and Compliance. How well is the organization following its security policies and best practices? Replace manual data collection and compliance reviews with on-demand reporting.
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OpsMx Deploy Shield Datasheet

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Key Benefits


Faster Application Releases

Only manage security exceptions, automate everything else.

More Secure Applications

Broad end-to-end data drives more comprehensive risk assessment.

Faster and Safer Deployment

Global Security Visibility

See what is really happening across tools & teams in one place.


Automated Compliance

Automated policy enforcement, automated audit reporting.

Developer Productivity

“Shift Left” with developer-friendly visibility and guidance.

Faster and Safer Deployment

Faster Incident Response

Trace new vulnerabilities in production, block impacted releases.

Delivery Shield Features

Developer to Deployment Visibility

Developer to Deployment Visibility

  • Automated Discovery. Directly integrate with DevOps tools, CI/CD pipelines, Kubernetes, and cloud platforms to discover the end-to-end application lifecycle.
  • Consolidated Visibility. All data in one place to break down data silos.
  • Secure Access. Existing RBAC rules and systems govern what users can see.
  • SDLC Database. Collected data stored centrally and permanently to provide a system of record.

Continuous Risk Assessment

  • Security Posture. Always see the current status and security posture of every application release and deployment across environments.
  • Comprehensive Assessment. Evaluate risk across artifacts, provenance, target infrastructure, delivery process, and more.
  • Intelligent Scoring. AI/ML driven assessment of release security, quality, performance.
  • Customizable Risk Profiles. Adjust risk factors, weighting based on application and organization specific factors.
Continuous Risk Assessment
Developer Productivity

Developer Productivity

  • “Smart Diff.” Show developers the security impact of a new release before they deploy. What issues get fixed? What new issues are introduced?
  • No Surprises. Preview application security in dev, test, staging for visibility to company security policies.t
  • Production Visibility. Line of sight to production security posture enables proactive remediation.

Active Policy Enforcement

  • Deployment Firewall. Check policy compliance at any point in the software delivery process. Log, alert on, and/or block out of policy releases.
  • Compliance Library. Predefined rule set based on NIST 800-53, CIS Benchmarks, PCI-DSS, etc.
  • Rules Genie. Generative AI to convert plain language policy statements into “policy as code” Rego scripts.
Security reporting

Security Program Reporting

  • Automated Compliance. Compliance and audit reporting generated directly from the SDLC-DB.
  • Organization Security Metrics. Assess security performance by team, application, business unit
  • Security Program Metrics. Evaluate overall progress of the organization’s security efforts over time.

Delivery Bill of Materials

  • Beyond the SBOM. Supplement the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) with a complete record of every step in the delivery and deployment process.
  • Delivery Snapshots. Capture permanent moment in time records from any point in the delivery process.
  • 3rd Party Software. Import SBOMs to record security posture, delivery of 3rd party applications.
Delivery Bill of Materials (DBOMs)
Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

  • Manage Exceptions. Capture time-bounded approvals for releases with vulnerabilities, and generate alerts when they expire.
  • Identify New Vulnerabilities. Continuously monitor for new vulnerabilities in deployed applications.
  • Trace Vulnerabilities in Production. Identify which applications, servers contain the new vulnerability.

Keep Your Existing Tools

  • “Choose Your Own Adventure.” Out of the box integrations with 90+ popular DevOps, Security, IAC, and Operations tools.
  • CI/CD Platforms. Use OpsMx with Argo CD, Jenkins, Flux, Spinnaker, GitHub Actions, and Azure DevOps.
  • Kubernetes Platforms. Auto-discover applications from GKE, EKS, AKS, self-managed, and OpenShift.
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Add Delivery Shield to Your Existing DevOps Tools

OpsMx Delivery Shield works with all leading continuous delivery solutions. Add easy-to-use security automation and compliance without changing your existing application delivery and deployment tools.