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Deploy Shield

Add DevSecOps to your existing CI/CD tools –
GitLab, GitHub, Argo, Jenkins, and Spinnaker

OpsMx Deploy Shield extends the capabilities of your current CI/CD tools with application security orchestration, correlation, and posture management. Automate security enforcement, compliance, and audit without writing new code or scripts.

OpsMx Deploy Shield is platform agnostic and works with GitLab, GitHub, Argo, Jenkins, and Spinnaker

No code deployment strategies

DevSecOps Control Plane

  • Automatically discover the application delivery and deployment process
  • Gather, synthesize, and correlate data from across the full set of DevOps and security tools
  • Unified, normalized view across all tools, silos, data sets
  • Support collaboration across users, teams, and processes

Continuous Automated Risk Assessment

  • Automated release verification, including support for progressive deployment models
  • Automated aggregation of and evaluation of complete security data
  • AI/ML models guide release decisions, focus attention, and overcome alert fatigue
No code deployment strategies
No code deployment strategies

Automated Approvals and Policy Enforcement

  • Deployment Firewall to prevent vulnerabilities from reaching production
  • Approval policies backed by data- driven automation, recommendations, and decision support
  • Pre-packaged guardrails – you don’t need to write your own
  • Comprehensive coverage from build to production

Vulnerability Tracing and Incident Response

  • Continuous monitoring of production deployments for vulnerabilities
  • Receive alerts when new vulnerabilities are announced that are present in your environment
  • Tracing where those vulnerabilities are currently deployed
  • Exception management when applications with vulnerabilities need to be deployed anyway
No code deployment strategies

Software Delivery Audit and Compliance

  • Attestation of deployment and delivery process
  • Delivery Bill of Materials (DeliveryBOM)
  • Policy definition and enforcement tracking
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Add Deploy Shield to Your Existing CD Tool

OpsMx Deploy Shield works with all leading continuous delivery solutions. Add easy-to-use security automation and compliance without changing your existing application delivery and deployment tools.


Secure Software Delivery Datasheet

Read about secure, automated, and scalable CD solution to reduce risk exposure and bring greater resilience and integrity to your applications

Top Reasons to Consider Deployment Security

Learn how radical changes in the delivery processes introduce new security risks and increase the attack surface.

Tackle the Threat of Software Supply Chain Attacks

Find the comprehensive solution to tackle real-time vulnerability risks and security breaches in your delivery process.

Key Benefits


Reduce Risk Exposure

Prevent security breaches and compliance violations by implementing robust controls and vulnerability management.

Greater Visibility and Control

End-to-end traceability and auditing capabilities give organizations better visibility and control over their software supply chain.

Faster and Safer Deployment

Faster Remediation

Vulnerability tracking and alerts enable enterprises to address security issues, reducing potential impact on production swiftly.


Seamless Security Integration

Integrating security processes, teams, and tools within the software delivery environment creates a more comprehensive and cohesive approach to security and compliance.

Scalable Security & Compliance

Ensure continuous security and compliance monitoring even as the organization grows, adapting to changing requirements and new threats while maintaining a robust security posture.

Faster and Safer Deployment

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline workflows and processes to improve productivity, reduce bottlenecks, and optimize the software delivery lifecycle.