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Simple Pricing with No Surprises

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ISD On-Prem


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 Enterprise-Grade Spinnaker with Intelligence Layer

 Enhanced Simplicity

 Enterprise Security

 Autopilot Intelligence Built-in

 Modules Included OES & Autopilot

 Hosted at Customer On-Prem/VPC

 Managed by Customer


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Fully Managed SaaS Offering of OpsMx Enterprise

 Secure Scalable SaaS Offering

 Flexible Multi-Cloud Deployments

 Autopilot Intelligence Built-in

 Modules Included OES & Autopilot

 Hosted at OpsMx Cloud

 Managed by OpsMx

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ISD Managed


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Your delivery platform managed 24*7 by OpsMx

 Zero Infrastructure Hassle

 99.95% Uptime

 24/7 * 365 monitoring

 Modules Included OES & Autopilot

 Hosted at Customer On-Prem/VPC

 Managed by OpsMx

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ISD Autopilot


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 Accelerate your existing CD

 ML-based Automated Verification

 DevSecOps Security and Compliance

 Plugs in to Jenkins, Argo, Spinnaker

 Modules Included Autopilot for Argo, Jenkins, Spinnaker

 Hosted at Customer On-Prem/VPC

 Managed by Customer

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Feature Comparison

Open Source Spinnaker

OpxMx Intelligent Software Delivery

Automated and Dynamic Pipelines

Pipeline Builder

Configuration As Code

Pipeline Triggers

Live Notifications (E-mail, Slack, Teams, SMS, HipChat)


Policy Based Dynamic Pipeline Control

Easy On-boarding

Application Onboarding

Pipeline/User Templates

High Availability Deployment with Disaster Recovery

Operational and KPI Dashboard

Smart Deploy

Deployment Strategies (Canary, Blue/Green, Rolling Updates, etc.,)

Automated/1-Click Rollbacks

Analytics Driven Deployments and Rollbacks

Custom Deployment Strategies

Enterprise Security

Https Connectivity

Secrets Management (Integration Vault, AWS IAM etc)

Role Based Access Control

LDAP & SAML Integration

Compliance Rules

Certified Secure Images

Secure connection to on-prem resources

Deployment Environments

Public Cloud

AWS (EC2, ECS, EKS and Lambda)



Azure (VMs, AKS)

On-Prem / Private Cloud



Pivotal Cloud Foundry


Automated Verification

Automated Verification via Metrics

Automated Verification via Log, APM

Continuous Verification (in Production)

Reliability Verification (with Chaos Monkey)

Automated Verification during Test Stages

Automated Verification during Canary, Blue/Green & Rolling Deploy

Business Impact Verification

Visibility and Approval

Informed Approval Gates

Automated Approval Gates

Audit and Compliance

Compliance Verification

Compliant Pipelines

Audit and Alerting


Scalable Policy Management

Security Verification

Static Application Security Testing Verification

Software Composition Analysis Verification

Data Integrations

Metrics and APM


Static Application Security Testing Data

Software Composition Analysis Data

Container Secuirty/Scanning



Custom Sources


24×7 Enterprise Support

Deploy Choice



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