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The pace of software delivery has accelerated significantly due to the implementation of CI/CD pipelines. However, risk assessment of software largely remains a manual responsibility of SREs and the Operations team. This manual process can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and frequently extends the lead time of software delivery.

Securing the ‘last mile’ is OpsMx’s mission. A complete DevSecOps revolution should cover the entire software delivery lifecycle, eliminating lurking threats. OpsMx ensures a fast, collaborative, and securely robust journey from development to production. We don’t just shift left; we secure every step of the way.

DevSecOps Use case

How We Support DevSecOps

OpsMx emphasizes secure software delivery, focusing on prevention, resolution, and the integrity of the application environment.

Prevention involves comprehensive automated security assessment and catching known vulnerabilities and threats before they reach the production environments.

Resolution refers to swiftly detecting and fixing new vulnerabilities in real time.

Integrity involves capturing a definitive record of the delivery process “as executed” and the application “as deployed,” providing seamless and continuous security and compliance integration.

With these, OpsMx ensures that security is built into every step of the software delivery process.

Key Capabilities

DevSecOps Control Plane

Our solution ensures a unified, normalized view across all tools, silos, and datasets in the delivery and deployment process, fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders within the DevSecOps lifecycle.

Continuous Automated Risk Assessment

Using AI/ML models, our solution continuously assesses security risks and impacts of any new deployment, effectively integrating security checks within your CD pipeline.

Automated Approvals and Policy Enforcement

Transition from the traditional model to a DevSecOps-oriented “trust, but verify” approach with policy-based automated approval processes.

Security Vulnerability Tracing and Incident Response

Accelerate vulnerability detection and response within your DevSecOps lifecycle with continuous monitoring, alerting, and tracing capabilities.

Software Delivery Audit and Compliance

Facilitate automated compliance reporting in the DevSecOps process through a comprehensive audit trail, including an attestation of the deployment and delivery process, Delivery BOM, and policy enforcement tracking.


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