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Deployment Firewall

A new way to enforce application security policies at the point of deployment, across staging & production environments

The OpsMx Deployment Firewall adds a gating mechanism to your existing CI/CD tools to guarantee compliance and prevent release of security vulnerabilities. Out of compliance release are automatically blocked before they get deployed

Secure Software Delivery by OpsMx

What is a Deployment Firewall?

The OpsMx Deployment Firewall is a new way to secure your application releases and enforce software supply chain security. Just like a network firewall enforces rules and policies that keep bad actors out of your network, a deployment firewall enforces your application security and DevSecOps policies to keep bad or insecure code from getting into production.

The deployment firewall works with leading CI/CD platforms, such as Jenkins, Argo, Spinnaker, GitLab and GitHub Actions. You specify the rules you want enforced for deployments, such as mandatory code scanning, no critical CVEs, approved change request ticket, or security review. The deployment firewall then runs in the background to automatically verify at the time of deployment that policies have been followed. The deployment of application releases that are out of compliance is blocked.

Key Capabilities

Deployment Security Enforcement

  • Security policy checks for software deployments
  • Policy enforcement engine to orchestrate and execute real-time policy checks before deployment

Policy Driven Automated Compliance

  • Automate guard rails block release of insecure or out of compliance code
  • Pre-packaged Deployment Policies / Security & Compliance Rules
  • Support for regulatory compliances – to FedRamp, PCI, HIPAA, etc.

Automated Verification & Actionable Intelligence

  • Automated risk scoring of releases analyzing data from security scan ecosystem
  • Analyze open or broken firewall rules
  • Automated data-driven decisions

Automated Approvals and Notifications

  • Automated deployments / roll back based on deployment rules results
  • Automate policy gates to ensure velocity
  • Manage exceptions
  • Notify and collaborate using existing channels (email, messaging, chat)

Automated Compliance and Audit

  • Automated deployment security posture management against security data
  • Deployment audit and attestation
  • Compliance reports and dashboard

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