Intelligent Deployments and Delivery for Red Hat OpenShift Pipeline

OpsMx ISD is a highly reliable and battle-tested continuous delivery platform with Argo and Spinnaker. With its intelligent verification, complete audit & compliance checks and end- to-end automation capabilities, it is an ideal platform for Red Hat OpenShift users.

Deploy Anywhere – Kubernetes, Cloud or Server-less

Deploy applications (containers, VM or functions) to a variety of environments be it private cloud (OpenStack, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Mesos) or Public Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) with Argo CD and Spinnaker.

Smart GitOps

ISD enables out-of-the-box GitOps styles declarative deployments for Kubernetes or multi-destination deployments using Argo and Spinnaker. The intelligence gates allow enterprises to drive the GitOps allowing flexibility in the process yet having tight control, visibility and insights into end-to-end workflow.

Automated Pipelines

Automate release with flexible pipeline builder with the ability to do conditional execution and delivery of multi-service composite application deployment

Easy Application Onboarding

Quickly onboard applications to the continuous delivery platform and scale with pre-defined templates and managed templates.

No-Code Progressive and Safe Deployments

Deploy applications with ready-to-use built-in safe and progressive deployment strategies such as blue/green, canary, rolling update or define your custom strategy. Rollback bad deployments with one click.

Automated Analysis For Progressive Deployments

Verify new software releases for deviations from production release in an automated fashion during Canary or blue/green deployment.

RedHat Technology Partner

OpsMx also provides an Enterprise Spinnaker distribution and the only Red Hat-Certified Operator. OpsMx works with several Fortune 50 OpenShift enterprises to help them realize the full value of Spinnaker and avoid expensive mistakes throughout their CD journey.

Key Benefits


Deliver Software Faster

Increase speed of software delivery by automating end-to-end release process and eliminating custom scripts and manual steps.

Deploy Applications with Confidence

Increase confidence of your complex multi-cloud applications through automated and reliable deployments and verifications.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk through automated enterprise compliance checks and audit trail of entire software delivery.



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