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Advanced Deployment Strategies for Kubernetes Environments

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  • Progressive Delivery – Control which users see which features and when
  • Blue-Green Deployments – Minimize downtime during the “cut-over.”
  • Canary Release – Early warning system for potential issues
  • When to use deployment strategies with Argo Rollouts

This eBook provides insights into determining the right deployment strategy for your GitOps based declarative Kubernetes deployments using ArgoCD. Learn when to choose and what benefits to expect from Progressive Delivery, Blue-Green or Canary deployment.

When scaling your ArgoCD deployments, learn how these deployment strategies work, what benefits you will achieve while addressing specific challenges, all combined with proven best practices.

Progressive Delivery and advanced deployment strategies have enabled companies like Intuit, Splunk, Tesla, and Adobe to accelerate software delivery and reduce cycle times in a safer, low-risk environment.

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Advanced Deployments Strategies for Kubernetes

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