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Spinnaker Tutorials

Get hands-on training from our Spinnaker experts via video tutorials accessible anytime, anywhere


Getting Started with Spinnaker (Part 1)

How to use Autopilot’s ML technologies to reduce overall time taken for build process by dubbing build failures in minutes

Getting Started With Spinnaker (Part 2)

Watch Gopinath’s session about how to secure Spinnaker deployment and control for deploying applications in different environments.

Practices for Applications Migration to Spinnaker – Lessons from the Trenches

Learn the best practices of migrating large numbers of traditional and stateful applications, and database updates to Spinnaker.

Welcome to Spinnaker: Feature

Watch the video to learn how to perform a Bake & Deploy operation using the Spinnaker pipeline.

Disabling a Spinnaker pipeline

Learn how Spinnaker helps to disable a pipeline so that it would not automatically trigger external events.

Manually triggering a Spinnaker

Watch the demo video to learn manually kicking off a pipeline despite being configured due to automatically trigger on an event, such as a crontab.

Manual Server Group rollbacks in Spinnaker

Watch the short video to demonstrate how to manually rollback a Server Group using Spinnaker.

Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes on GCP

Watch the video to learn source to production continuous delivery flow for an application deployed via containers, on Google Cloud Platform.

Continuous Delivery for Google App Engine

Watch the demo to learn source to production continuous delivery flow for an application running on Google App Engine.

Google Source to Production Codelab Walk Through

Watch the video to learn about setting up a Code lab & the goals of the lab.

Bake and Deploy 2

Watch the video to learn core Spinnaker concepts followed by mapping to Google Compute Engine & building up the first pipeline.

Bake and Deploy 3

Watch the demo video to learn end to end pipeline deployment.

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