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OpsMx Autopilot

Intelligence for any CI/CD

OpsMx Autopilot is the intelligence layer for software delivery. Autopilot analyzes the risk of all changes, automatically determining the confidence that an update can be promoted to the next pipeline stage without introducing errors. Autopilot also automates policy compliance, ensuring that all your governance rules and best practices are followed.Autopilot reduces errors in production, increases release velocity, and improves security, quality, and compliance.

Automated Verification

Ship quality software by analysing performance and quality regression of software using AI/ML at every stage of CI/CD process- Build, Test, Deploy and Production.

Continuous Governance and Security

Eliminate risk by implementing security checks and enforcing organizational policies in delivery pipelines.

Informed Approvals

Get 360° information like code review, build assessment, security scan reports, test results, verification status, etc and make informed decisions.

Observability, Traceability and Insights

Get an overview of software delivery performance with DORA metrics along with real-time insights and audit reports.


How It Works

Autopilot gathers data from various CI/CD tools, APM, and log analysers and applies supervised and unsupervised machine learning to find out software risks.

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Free Spinnaker Add-On for Visibility Configuration and Security

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