Continuous Verification

Increase customer satisfaction by minimizing errors during build, deploy, test, and release process. Validate health of a new software release through AI/ML technology that uses data from metrics and logs.

AI-Driven Risk Assessment for all CI/CD Stages

Release good software, every time!
Benefit: Automated pre-check of software releases

Verify new software releases for suitability in production, including reliability and business impact, in an automated fashion.

Automated Decisioning

Make Decisions with Confidence.
Benefit: Intelligence based guidance for app rollout Use machine learning based intelligence to control app rollout via canary, blue/green or rolling update.

multi service dependency risk

Multi-Service Dependency Risk

Recover Quickly by Uncovering Dependencies!
Benefit: Real-time recovery from applications errors

Track and remediate every build and configuration change moving through your CD pipeline and user interaction through the CD lifecycle.

Diagnostics and Attribution

App-health – Check.
Benefit: Automated verification of your application performance and functionality

Verify the application performance of new deployments by leveraging machine learning to analyze metrics and APM data and analyze functionality from popular logging tools (Splunk, Sumo Logic).

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Machine to understand Machine
Benefit: Reduce reliance on data scientists to read deployment logs and find pattern

Use the power of unsupervised machine learning to analyze time-series data and event data from external tools. Learn anomalies in transaction data, and track genuine errors and exceptions in your application logs in minutes, without any dependency on data-science experts.

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