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Security, Compliance, and Audit

Managing security and compliance in a complex software delivery environment can be a challenge. Manual security checks can be time-consuming and error-prone, and they can slow down the deployment process. This can lead to security vulnerabilities being introduced into production, which can have serious consequences for businesses.

OpsMx Secure CD helps organizations automate security and compliance checks in real time. OpsMx Secure CD integrates with a wide range of security and compliance tools, allowing teams to automate checks for vulnerabilities, compliance violations, and other risks.

Policy Enforced Automated Pipeline

Implement secured delivery pipelines, through enforcing policies, which will allow your enterprise to ensure better security controls, less risk and 100% compliance

Enterprise Security & Identity Access Management

Improve your security posture by incorporating frameworks like LDAP/SAML and enable Roll Based Access Controls for Dev, Ops, and security candidates. With OES unauthorized code cannot move into production

Secret Management

Store and manage secrets, tokens, control access, high availability configurations by integrating with Vault

Audit Trailing And Traceability

Allow auditors to list, search, and filter on the deployment data collected from Spinnaker deployments, Autopilot risk scoring, policy enforcements, in a single pane. Auditors can check failure/success of adherence to regulations and certifications like SOX, PCI, HIPAA, etc.

Dashboard With Risk Score

Allow release managers to know risk scores of various deployments and prevent pushing any known vulnerable code to production

Key Benefits


Foster Collaboration

With policy & security validation integrated into the software delivery lifecycle, the dev, ops & security team see security as a shared responsibility and collaborate to mitigate enterprise risks


Boost developer’s confidence

Automated policy controls during deployment process increases engineers’ confidence about not inadvertently introducing any problems into production.


Deliver Software Faster & Safer

Ensures your software releases are 100% compliant to governance and industry standards such as SOX, HIPAA, while maintaining shorter lead time to production.


Setting up LDAP and OpenLDAP in Argo CD

Setting up LDAP and OpenLDAP in Argo CD

The SecOps team in your organization will have security checks to be ticked before Argo CD can be used for production deployments. This blog will discuss how to configure LDAP and OpenLDAP for Argo CD. We will be using Dex to delegate authentication to an external identity provider.

Enabling SSO Authentication in ArgoCD using Okta Integration

Enabling SSO Authentication in ArgoCD using Okta Integration

The Ops team or the Platform engineering team implementing GitOps using ArgoCD will, at some point, need Single Sign On(SSO) for stronger user authentication. Argo CD is flexible in implementing any security IAM standard used in your enterprise. Argo CD supports a range of OpenID Connect (OIDC) providers such as Okta, Google SSO, Auth0, Linkedin SSO, etc., along with SAML and LDAP support for SSO configuration. Based on the type of authentication provider, one can update the configmap of Argo CD to get started with SSO.

Automating Regulatory Compliances and Audit Reporting

Automating Regulatory Compliances and Audit Reporting

Learn all the challenges faced by enterprises around achieving 100% compliance and audit reporting (with example from Banking / Fintech domain). The eBook talks about all the technical limitations that lead to these challenges, along with a solution that leverages existing DevOps and infrastructure investments and allows DevSecOps to achieve 100% compliance with a Git-driven approach.

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