Autopilot for Test Verification

Automated testing of software release is the most important stage in a CI/CD process to verify business value, identify regressions and defects. It’s overwhelming and not scalable, however, for testers who must spend hours per day investigating hundreds of accumulated test results, draining productivity and increasing the time to get new software to market

Autopilot is an AI/ML-powered Continuous Verification platform that helps testers rapidly find the errors and failed test cases, shortening the feedback loop and time to market.

Test Assessments

Autopilot continuously analyzes logs from test automation tools in almost real-time, providing a consolidated status of test results and risks and saving teams the time and effort associated with manual monitoring of test results.

Automated Decisioning

Integrate Autopilot with your CI/CD deployment pipeline to automatically notify all stakeholders about failed release candidates needing attention and successful release candidates ready for deployment and subsequent release.

Test Diagnosis and Triage test

Test Diagnosis and Triage

Autopilot’s AI and ML-based algorithms enable teams to quickly and easily identify the reasons for failing test cases. By processing hundreds of thousands of test logs, it is able to filter out the noise, identifying the critical errors in any scenario and unearthing false negatives missed by automated testing tools.

Test Visibility and Insights

Use an intuitive UI with a graphical representation of success and failure of previous releases to increase visibility and collaboration among dev, ops and infrastructure teams.

Key Benefits

Elevate Tester Productivity

Reduce time spent in manually investigating failed test cases by 90%. Testers can now devise testing strategies, develop executable specifications, perform more exploratory testing.

Deliver Software Faster

Through shortening feedback loop with underlying cause of test case from logs in just few mins, developer can fix bugs in their code and quickly commit. This will reduce cycle time and enable continuous deployment.

Gain Confidence

With automated monitoring test logs in near real time basis and depicting the status and risks through intuitive dashboards increases the confidence about release candidate is fit for purpose or not.

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