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Free Spinnaker Add-On for Visibility
Configuration and Security

Struggling with Visibility, Control, and Configuration Management in Spinnaker?

OpsMx Autopilot Community Edition (CE) is a free add-on for your Open Source Spinnaker that provides unprecedented views and insights into your Spinnaker deployments and 100% audit searchability. 

Autopilot CE also enables easier management of cloud targets and DevOps with full RBAC to allow developer self-service. 

Finally, Autopilot CE comes with a policy enforcement engine (based on Open Policy Agent) to allow automated enforcement of your security and enterprise policies.

Autopilot Community Edition (CE) offers the following features:

Visibility and Insights in Autopilot Community Edition (CE)

Visibility and Insights

  • Get Deployment Insights – Delivery metrics and usage
  • Get Deep application visibility across all environments
  • Get a Searchable audit dashboard of all delivery events
CD Design Enterprise On boarding

Developer Self-Service

  • Enable self-service management with RBAC for cloud targets and DevOps tools accounts
  • Get UI-based Spinnaker configuration management
Automated Approvals

Automated Policy Enforcement

  • Enforce enterprise security and compliance policies directly in your pipeline.
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