OpsMx just released a new Visibility and Audit for Argo module that enables enterprise-wide visibility and audit of your deployments, applications, Argo instances, and workflows through a single pane of glass. The module provides end-to-end workflow and system audit capabilities offering you a real-time and historical view of your software changes, deployments, environments, and releases. 

Large enterprises whose business depends mainly on advanced IT infrastructure have been using multicluster Kubernetes for their applications for some time. For Kubernetes cluster-wide deployments, Argo CD is becoming a popular choice because it is lightweight and can support both Progressive Delivery and GitOps. 

When running and deploying Argo clusters in larger enterprise environments, achieving 100% visibility and control for cluster-wide deployments can take time and effort. SRE or DevOps teams have to login to each cluster where Argo instances are running, gather the health status, collect audit information, and take appropriate action. This is a highly labor-intensive task. The lack of a holistic view of applications, workflows, and deployments across clusters creates a low visibility, fragile environment. 

Faster and Smarter Decisions

It should be no surprise that we can better manage what we see. When we lack visibility, our options are limited. Making your deployments visible from a single pane of glass improves collaboration, teamwork, and your ability to take action before critical problems surface in real-time. 

Real-time visibility and keeping track of your applications and their deployments, whatever the frequency and scale, across all Argo clusters reduces your deployment risk and saves hours of needless toil. 

Reduce Toil and Decrease MTTR

A unified dashboard for visibility and audit gets everyone on the same page, understanding how new releases perform against older versions in real-time. Pinpointing root causes and taking action on deployment problems in real-time without switching to different apps or interfaces will reduce toil and decrease MTTR. 

OpsMx Deployment Insights dashboard

The Visibility and Audit for Argo module analyzes CI/CD toolchain data from each workflow in real-time to continuously assess risk and provides complete visibility, traceability, and audit for multi-cluster and multi-cloud Argo deployments. In a single view, you can see the current status of your entire Argo environment and drill down seamlessly to discover and resolve the root cause of a problem.

Why DORA Metrics Matter

Nowadays, as software development processes become more decentralized and as the number of teams working on different projects increases, it becomes much harder to set and track metrics to measure performance across these teams, DORA metrics solve this problem. 

DORA metrics are an industry standard for measuring the performance of software development teams and evaluating the efficiency of their delivery capacities. You must be able to assess whether you are building and delivering software that meets customer requirements, as well as gain insights on how to improve and provide more value for customers.

OpsMx DORA metrics dashboard

The OpsMx deployment insights dashboard provides critical information for a DevOps manager or development leadership around the state of their software development process, including DORA metrics – deployment frequency and fastest/slowest applications.

Get a high-level view of thousands of Argo deployments through a single dashboard to ensure operational feasibility and receive a diagnosis based on historical information. With OpsMx, you can now proactively improve the efficiency of your organization with a historical analysis of Argo deployments that can help identify bottlenecks and enhance collaboration to improve the CI/CD pipeline.

Deployment Audit Tells the Story

A deployment audit trail is a step-by-step record by which deployment and release changes and environmental events can be traced to their source. CI/CD Governance ensures you can answer who, what, where, when, and why?

An audit trail is most often utilized when the accuracy of a deployment or a release of a software artifact and environment needs to be verified. Audit trails are required when determining the validity of a deployment or release. Searching and reporting across multi-cluster Argo environments can take hours. 

OpsMx Deployment Audit dashboard

The Visibility and Audit for Argo module provides search and audit reports across multi-cluster and multi-cloud Argo environments for a chosen period highlighting who, what, and when of pipeline execution and policy violations. It allows auditors and SREs to list, search, and filter on deployment, environment, and event data collected from Argo deployments, all from a single pane of glass. 

A fully customizable dashboard with RBAC across the enterprise ensures security and access so that the right teams have visibility and access to the right applications, clusters, and workflows. 

OpsMx provides seamless out-of-the-box integrations to support the CI/CD toolchain you have already invested in, which enables you to automate application deployments, verify the performance of your release, and continuously apply compliance to comply with business and industry standards.

OpsMx’s proven onboarding process achieves Continuous Delivery in just 30 days. OpsMx provides a range of services, including CI/CD strategy, Argo onboarding, support, and training. Talk to us now by emailing [email protected] or completing the Contact Us form on our website.

About OpsMx

Founded with the vision of “delivering software without human intervention,” OpsMx enables customers to transform and automate their software delivery processes. OpsMx builds on open-source Spinnaker and Argo with services and software that helps DevOps teams SHIP BETTER SOFTWARE FASTER.

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