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New Software and Services Extend Open Source Argo, Target Top Challenges of Expanding Deployments

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 30, 2022 – OpsMx, the leader in intelligent continuous delivery, today announced new software modules and support services for Argo that make it faster, easier, and safer for enterprises to use open source Argo in production. New automated analysis increases the speed and accuracy of complex progressive deployments. A unified view and centralized audit of activity across distributed Argo clusters is available from new management dashboards. New 24×7 support ensures production-grade availability and security. With the addition of these OpsMx capabilities to Argo, enterprises gain the developer productivity and speed of GitOps along with centralized control and automated intelligence for large-scale deployment of critical applications.

“Argo and GitOps are exciting for developers because they make software delivery so much easier and faster, but these automated releases can be scary for the rest of the organization that is responsible for the uptime, performance, and security of critical applications,” said Gopal Dommety, CEO and co-founder of OpsMx. “Our new software and services insert visibility and control into Argo environments without breaking the developer experience that makes Argo so powerful. This is a true game changer for developer productivity.”

Argo, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source project, is quickly becoming the preferred tool of application developers for software deployments on Kubernetes. Argo can be difficult, however, to fit into existing management, security, and operations practices. OpsMx addresses these challenges with three new software module “addons” that extend open source Argo.

  1. OpsMx Delivery Intelligence adds automation before, during, and after software deployment without requiring users to be application experts. As organizations implement progressive deployment strategies like canary and blue/green, users need a data-driven way to assess the risks of a release, ensure that delivery is safe, and roll back a release if necessary. OpsMx automates this analysis and risk assessment, comparing performance and behavior of new application releases to prior releases. Users do not need deep knowledge of the application. Post deployment, OpsMx continues to monitor application behavior and identify emerging risks that may require rollback. These capabilities are directly integrated with Argo Rollouts as well as existing application logging and application performance management tools.
  2. OpsMx Audit and Visibility provides a single, centralized dashboard and permanent record of the application delivery process across Argo instances. Argo’s distributed architecture means that organizations typically run multiple Argo instances that operate independently. OpsMx addresses this by consolidating into a single view a user’s application status and version data, as well as the status of services on which their application depends. OpsMx also captures from across the environment a comprehensive audit record of the application delivery process that can be used in security reviews and software supply chain validation. Argo users can also monitor the status of the Argo application itself.
  3. OpsMx Policy and Governance integrates advanced delivery controls into Argo. Argo is designed for automated “pull” deployments, which conflicts with most organizations’ need for review and approval before a release goes to production. OpsMx automates complex policy and compliance requirements, such as mandatory security checks, integration with change control processes, and approvals. Out of the box “no code” integrations connect directly with existing enterprise DevOps tool chains. A library of predefined templates enables developers to create and run governance workflows from their preferred Git provider, enabling Smart GitOps.

Enterprise Support
Many organizations require formal support procedures before they can run open source products like Argo in production. The new OpsMx Enterprise Support for Argo provides 24×7 enterprise support. As part of this service, OpsMx performs security scans to validate new Argo open source releases, corrects detected vulnerabilities, and then makes secured releases available to support customers. Enterprises looking for more general assistance can use OpsMx Argo Consulting Services to quickly migrate to production-ready Argo.

Deployment Options
All OpsMx software and services are implemented as extensions to open source Argo. Enterprises continue to run open source Argo as they do today, then add a management overlay and support provided by OpsMx. OpsMx software can be SaaS delivered or deployed on-premises.

OpsMx Delivery Intelligence for Argo, OpsMx Audit and Visibility for Argo, and OpsMx Enterprise Support for Argo are now available. OpsMx Policy and Governance for Argo is currently in private preview, with general availability scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. For additional information contact OpsMx at

About OpsMx

OpsMx simplifies and intelligently automates software delivery, enabling hundreds of thousands of developers at Google, Cisco, Western Union, and other leading global enterprises to ship better software faster. Incorporating open source Argo and Spinnaker, OpsMx is the first open, unified platform for deploying applications in container, virtual machine, and multi-cloud environments. The company’s 150 employees serve customers from offices in Silicon Valley, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, with funding from Dell Technologies Capital and Foundation Capital. For more information, visit



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