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OpsMx Announces Certified Spinnaker with Enterprise Features for Accelerating the Continuous Delivery Transformation
OpsMx, a leading Continuous Delivery (CD) company headquartered in San Francisco, announced multiple solutions to help enterprises transform their delivery of applications to multiple clouds.SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Enterprises have multiple challenges with transforming their legacy software delivery process to adopt containers and multiple clouds. Primary challenge is need for unified continuous delivery to accommodate both their traditional applications (monoliths and bare metals) as well as emerging container based applications. Secondary challenges include define fine grained policy for enterprise wide use and enforce policies at run time. Also they also face concerns about adoption of open source technologies due to lack of support and certification on their enterprise infrastructure such as RedHat.

Spinnaker is an open source (created by Netflix), multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for release software changes with high velocity and confidence. Spinnaker has been battle-tested in productions by hundreds of teams over millions of deployments.

OpsMx is one of the leading contributors of Spinnaker project (19 contributors – #3 in Spinnaker project) and is a member of Continuous Delivery Foundation. OpsMx is excited to be a platinum sponsor at the Spinnaker Summit 2019 in San Diego (November 15-17th). OpsMx offers enterprise distribution of Spinnaker called Open Enterprise Spinnaker (OES) which enhances Spinnaker with easy life cycle management, self service onboarding of applications to Spinnaker and machine learning based continuous verification of new releases.Today, OpsMx announces the following additional features as part of its Open Enterprise Spinnaker platform for Enterprises adopting Spinnaker based continuous delivery

  • Support for Legacy Applications by consolidation of existing script or infrastructure as code mechanisms with native integration of Terraform and Ansible in Spinnaker.
  • Database Update Stage in Spinnaker provides common database drivers to allow for database schema changes and updates as part of delivery pipeline
  • Policy Engine for Continuous Delivery to allow enterprises to define and enforce fine grained security rules, regulatory compliance and application level policies for the continuous
    delivery process.
  • Audit Trails to track and report changes to application, pipeline configurations and deployment approvals.
  • Continuous Delivery Dashboard for visibility with insight into process efficiencies and areas for improvement for application delivery.
  • Red Hat Certified Universal Base Image 8 based images for all Spinnaker services.
    These images are available from the Red Hat Container Catalog and
  • Red Hat Certified Spinnaker Operator from the Red Hat OpenShift Certified Marketplace which can be used to automated life cycle management of Spinnaker in OpenShift 4 or later
  • Kubernetes Spinnaker Operator from the, the registry for Kubernetes operators which can automate life cycle management of Spinnaker in Kubernetes.

“Enterprises needs to transform their continuous delivery to take advantage of the agility provided by containers and public cloud. Spinnaker continuous delivery platform is an ideal cloud native continuous delivery tool that allows our customers to automate the build, deployment & management of applications fully. We believe OpsMx is a perfect partner for these enterprises in their CD transformation journey.”

About OpsMx
OpsMx is the leading provider of the Enterprise Spinnaker continuous delivery platform. OpsMx offers 24×7 support for Open Source Spinnaker and Enterprise distribution Open Enterprise Spinnaker with pluggable enterprise extensions for security, application onboarding and continuous verification of applications. OpsMx has offices in the US, Europe & Asia.